The Best Cat Condos of 2024

Your upholstered furniture looks good until your cat gets their claws in everything. The best way to deter your curious feline companion is present them with their own furniture. A cat condo will help your furniture remain scratch-free.

These condos give them an area to scratch, jump on, and otherwise enjoy themselves. It may not be the easiest job finding the best condo as there are dozens on the market. However, our reviews of six top-selling condos might take away some of the stress.

If not, feel free to go over our buyer’s guide near the end that highlights everything you should know about condos. It might further help you come to a decision on which condo is best for your cat.

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 Feandrea Multi-Level Cat Tree with Condos



 Bewishome Cat Tree Condo (Large)



 Bewishome Cat Tree Condo (Small)



 Kitty City Large Cat Bed & Condo



 Kitty Tube The Outdoor Insulated Cat House



 Prevue Pet Products Premium Cat Home


1. Feandrea Multi-Level Cat Tree with Condos

FEANDREA 67 inches Multi-Level Cat Tree for Large Cats, with Cozy Perches, Stable UPCT18G

This Multi-Level Cat Tree is a cozy area for your cat to lounge around or play in. It’s available in two color styles that may allow it to blend effortlessly with the rest of your home decor.

With multiple layers, your cat has plenty of room to roam. In fact, it’s so spacious that more than one cat may use it at the same time.

Stability seems like a driving feature of this cat condo. It is built using natural particle boards with high density construction that are further strengthened with the use of battens on the bottom. Anti-toppling fittings are also included.

As far as entertaining your cat goes, this condo features reinforced scratching posts and a large scratching pad that’s wrapped with sisal rope. This material is resistant enough to withstand your cat’s constant nail scratching. There are three balls with bells for your cat to enjoy playing with too.

Your cat’s also kept comfortable with two roomy spaces and three plush perches, each with a raised edge.


  • Three plush pads
  • Two roomy condo areas
  • Stable platforms
  • Sisal wrapped scratching posts and pad

2. Bewishome Cat Tree & Pet Condo (Large)

BEWISHOME Cat Tree Condo Tower Kitten Furniture Activity Center Pet Kitty Play House with Sisal Scratching Posts Perches Hammock Grey MMJ01B

This condo is an affordable way to keep your feline companion distracted and comfortable. There are multiple houses and platforms that are large enough to house big cats as well as still allow smaller ones to enjoy themselves.

It features quality construction that’s well-balanced to keep your pet safe while they have fun. If you’re interested in matching the condo to the rest of your furniture, you can choose from four different color styles.

The condo provides your cat with ample room with two spacious hideaway rooms that are wide enough for your cat to lounge around in. In addition, the two platforms are as plush as the rest of the tower.

More comfort is found in the hammock near the bottom of the tower. There are a couple of ball bells around for them to play with as well as hanging sisal twine. They can continually scratch their nails using the additional sisal covered scratching posts. The condo is reliable also. It’s balanced overall with a strong, supportive base so your cat can jump on and off with ease. If you need extra stability, considering using the included wall anchor strap.


  • Multiple levels and houses
  • Sisal twine and scratching posts
  • Plush material throughout
  • Various color options

3. Bewishome Condo (Small)

BEWISHOME Cat Tree Condo with Sisal Scratching Posts, Plush Perch, Dual Houses and Basket, Cat Tower Furniture Kitty Activity Center Kitten Play House, Smoky Grey MMJ06H

This Small Cat Tree Condo is another low-cost option if your cat doesn’t need that much space to lounge and play. Even if it is smaller compared to others, there is still a good amount of space inside the two hideaway houses.

It’s covered in plush material that’s soft to the touch. The condo may be ideal if your cat enjoys bird watching or otherwise comfortably surveying their domain. For the sake of customization, there are two simple, yet appealing colors to choose from for a modern look.

This condo is simplicity at its finest. There are only two houses that still offer good space for your cat to shift around inside. Your cat can also enjoy various resting surfaces such as a cushioned perch and a hanging basket that’s almost like a hammock. For fun and for saving your furniture, there are three scratching posts wrapped with sisal. Your cat can even enjoy an interactive jingling ball.

Beyond having fun, your cat remains safe while lounging or jumping around the small condo thanks to the P2 grade environmental board construction. The strong base keeps everything stable and balanced.


  • Cushioned perch and hanging basket
  • Reliable, sturdy base
  • Three quality sisal scratching posts

4. Kitty City Large Cat Bed & Condo

Kitty City Large Cat Bed, Stackable Cat Cube, Indoor Cat House/Cat Condo

The most budget-saving and space-saving option, this Cat Bed and Condo combination sets up in seconds. With how quickly you set it up, you can fold it down for storage or transportation purposes.

This comes in a single gray and white color that may fit into a modern home decor. The condo is perhaps the most ideal for the cat that enjoys minimalism and simply wants a place of their own to relax in.

Even though this condo and bed combo is small, the hideaway house is large enough that cats of various sizes can move around inside with ease. It’s easy for them to hop on top to sleep, rest, or just observe the world around them.

They can relax in comfort too as there is a soft polyester pillow and cushion on top of the condo. You won’t have to struggle to maintain the pillow either as it is machine washable and safe for the dryer.

With a sturdy design, your cat can not only jump up and down safely, but you can stack more of the same condos on top if you wish to expand your cat’s personal furniture.


  • Detachable, machine washable pillow
  • Roomy hideaway house
  • Quick set up
  • Foldable design

5. Kitty Tube The Outdoor Insulated Cat House

Kitty Tube The Outdoor Insulated Cat House w/Pet Pillow

If your feline companion enjoys the outdoors, then they’ll appreciate this insulated cat house. It’s weatherproof for various outdoor conditions from keeping out the cold in the winter, to maintaining a cooler environment in the summer.

This unique condo is capable of supporting up to three cats. There’s an emphasis on safety as well since the condo is designed to allow your cat entry, but not any potential predators.

The condo has a geometric shape that naturally resists wind. Its dome lid is able to keep your cat dry under rainy conditions. The inside is moisture-resistant in order to fight off the build-up of mildew. It’s difficult for condensation to develop in the first place though thanks to the vapor barrier interior and the vent cap on the lid.

You can control the insulation as well based on the weather. For hotter conditions, you can lift the built-in lifting handles further to add more airflow. When it gets cold outside, you can simply close them to better retain heat.

As for the rest of the design, there are awnings as well as a removable flap door. For greater comfort, the condo features a custom pet pillow that you can machine wash.


  • Controllable ventilation
  • Moisture-resistant interior
  • Protective dome lid
  • Machine-washable pet pillow

6. Prevue Pet Products Premium Cat Home

Prevue Pet Products Premium/Deluxe Cat Home, Black

This Premium Cat Home features heavy duty construction that can hold up well with regular maintenance. It stands at over 5ft. tall, and it features sturdy construction. Still, it’s lightweight enough to move, and the rubber casters make it even simpler to maneuver.

There is plenty of room for your cat to roam. It’s so large and stable that it can support multiple cats or several kittens at the same time.

As it can house multiple cats, there are three separate doors your feline companions can use to get in and out. So that each cat can relax, there are two extra large platforms and two extra large hammocks. The platforms lock in for stability, and for comfort, they feature removable felt covers.

Additional safety is seen with the paw-friendly design. This means that there are no gaps or areas where your cat can pinch their paws in. It’s stable overall since it’s a single piece construction with a uni-base to create a stable foundation.


  • Paw-friendly, no pinch design
  • Extra large platforms and hammocks
  • Rubber casters for mobility
  • Heavy duty construction

Final Verdict & Pet Condo Review

Feandrea Multi-Level Cat Tree










Test-Cat Approval



  • Great design & look
  • Lots to do for many cats
  • Wall attatchment
  • Very stable


  • Maybe too big for just one cat

Cat condos allow your cat the freedom to scratch, jump, and just lounge about without destroying your furniture. It may take time finding the best one for your home, but if you go with our recommendation, we feel the Feandrea Cat Tree is a great choice and also our top recommended cat tree for large cats.

There’s an abundance of room whether you have one cat or more. It features two condos with space to move around in, and everything is plush and soft enough for your cat to enjoy. The three perches have a raised edge as well.

For scratching purposes, there’s plenty of sisal wrapped posts and an oversized pad. It has a robust design with high density construction for a stable and long-lasting build. To further improve the stability, the condo includes anti-toppling fittings.

Buying Guide

If you still need help figuring out how to choose a cat condo, there are several features to keep in mind that may help in your decision-making process. Also, check this top list on outdoor cat houses for more choices for outside. Speaking of outdoor, these cat playpens are worth a look!

Construction Quality

Since your cat will lounge, jump, and play around on the condo, it’s important that the tower is actually secure. For more stability, you can also look into these cat cages or enclosures.

Consider quality materials such as heavy density particle board or some type of metal. The condo shouldn’t wobble or move around, so the base should be stable. It may also help if there’s a wall anchor or some type of anti-toppling system.

Designated Scratching Area

It’s true that not all cat condos feature a scratching area. If you already have a separate one for your pet, then it’s not much of a concern. Otherwise, an area to scratch on the condo may grant your pet easier access as they won’t have to leave the condo in order to scratch.

Some condos feature numerous of scratching posts, a single scratching pad, or a combination of them. Besides the amount of scratching areas, what they’re made of is detriment to how well they’ll function. Typically, you’ll notice these posts are wrapped with sisal. It’s a type of material that can withstand the frequent clawing from cats.


A good way to ensure your cat doesn’t hop all over and destroy your furniture is by giving them a condo or bed they’ll enjoy staying in. Comfort is important in this case.

Quality cat condos feature some type of cushioning or plush material that’s easy for cats to hop on and off of. Further comfort is found in how spacious the hideaway homes are. Your cat should be able to move around with ease to find a relaxing spot. A handful of different platforms and holes may also make multiple cats more comfortable.

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