Cat Grooming

Cat Muzzles & Grooming Bags

The Best Cat Muzzles & Grooming Bags in 2024 Grooming your cat is rarely easy. Some owners out there may have cats that are tolerant and comfortable being brushed, poked, and prodded. Most cat owners, however, are not so lucky. That doesn't change the fact that their cat needs to

Best Cat Shampoos

The Best Cat Shampoos in 2024 We all love our cats and always try to get the best products for them. You may be a new cat owner or have one with new needs. When it comes to shampoos, a lot can be done right or wrong. What doesn't irritate

Best Cat Hair Clippers & Trimmers

The Best Cat Hair Clippers & Trimmers of 2024 Cat owners like yourself understand how often and important grooming can be. Perhaps your cat doesn't care to go to a professional to get it done, or maybe you just don't want to afford it. But hair removal around your home

Best Cat Grooming Gloves

The Best Cat Grooming Gloves of 2024 No matter when you check, your cat is licking her coat again. As the seasons change, you might think the torrents of cat fur should stop appearing everywhere around your home, but nope! Pet hair can be a real nuisance. Here is a

Best Cat Nail Clippers

The Best Cat Nail Clippers of 2024 Scratches on furniture? No, thank you! While there are many aspects of your cat's grooming that need attention, keeping those nail in check is vital. Since domesticated cats no longer have to rely on their nails for hunting purposes, they don't get blunted
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