The Best Cat Trees for Large Cats 2024

Does your cat have an urge to scratch and climb on just about anything there is to find? It’s in your cat’s instinct to sit high and mighty above its surroundings, so having a big cat tree to climb and scratch helps is a big win.

You may have bought a tree before that was too small, leaving your home-tiger bored of it. A few benefits of providing your cat with the right tree, geared to their size, gives them a secure resting spot, reduces their mischievous activities, and adds a scratching center.

Qualities to consider for your cat’s tree is their size, character traits, how often they scratch or climb on your countertops, the structure, tree components, and your budget. Come, let’s figure this out!

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 Feandrea Multi-Level Cat Tree



 Go Pet Club Pet Tree



 Aeromark Armarkat Furniture Condo



 Go Pet Club Condo House



 Vesper Cat Furniture



 Go Pet Club Huge Pet Tree


1. Feandrea Multi-Level Large Cat Tree

FEANDREA 67 inches Multi-Level Cat Tree for Large Cats, with Cozy Perches, Stable UPCT18G

This luxurious find will make your cat feel like royalty with its multi-layered playhouse that is designed vertically with a height of 67 inches. This is a tall order with four tiers encouraging your cat’s climbing adventures and up to 15 scratching areas.

Also, your cat has two spacious caves at different height levels that are enclosed in complete darkness for your cat’s beauty sleep and added privacy. Your cat can feel soft with three plush perches that are roomy for large breeds and have a raised edge that acts as a head pillow.

The poles have a sturdy construction with a 3.4 inch diameter that are wrapped with a sisal rope. This natural color rope option can withstand your cat’s nail filing and scratching for as many times as necessary while encouraging exercise.


  • Stability – Ideal for larger cat breeds with safety as a priority due to its material of premium particle board and supporting tubes that prevent falling.
  • Multi-purpose – This is your cat’s all-in-one choice for numerous play activities. A great tree for multiple cats that consolidates to one center.
  • Wall attachment – Imagine your cat chasing something and all of sudden they robustly hop on the tree. Well, this band attachment to your wall is there for reinforcement.


  • Extra space for one – It may not be a beneficial option if you have a single cat due to the extra plush seating and numerous platforms.

2. Go Pet Club Pet Tree

Go Pet Club Cat Tree, 50W x 26L x 72H, Beige

Many of my plus-sized cats have enjoyed this roomy option that has survived jumps and climbs without the wood-based structure falling over. Over the years, there has only been normal wear and tear.

This 4-tiered clubhouse has a few color options wrapped in a faux fur material that can tie in with your household decorating and provides a bulky structure.

Your cats are able to capture their attention on two mice toys and are not waiting in line to scratch with up to nine posts covered in sisal rope. There are three platforms and resting spots that are great for extra comfort. Also, the two condos each have two entry ways with one leading to the two sloping ladders.


  • Two sloped ladders – Your cat can experience a great a walk and climb exercise.
  • Two opening cubes – A great asset if your cat needs extra air circulation or enjoys a tunnel-like quality.
  • Budget friendly – An affordable option if you don’t want to exceed the $100 dollar mark.


  • Extra large for compact space – If you have a small space or just one cat, this may be too much luxury at a 72”H x 50” W x 26” L size for your only cat where you and him share a compact space.

3. Aeromark Armarkat Furniture Condo

Armarkat A7202 72-Inch Cat Tree, Beige

This vertical but stout lounging tree has a single condo that is inviting with two entries and a sinkhole in front for extra play or activities. There are a few extra toys attached to the ends of the two main resting perches for entertainment.

A great option with an extra dimensional quality that has up to 4 tiers offering an intense climbing workout. Along with a resting side perch for your cat’s to view you nearby. In addition, a hanging hammock is at the base for maximum resting like if they were hanging from a branch. There is also the hanging rope embellishment that is fused for pulling or a possible swing at their leisure.


  • Side perch – Your kitten has a solo view of another area or for you to incorporate training with treats.
  • Hammock bed – This comfy option is great for a huskier cat to keep them lifted from the ground and a bonus rope toy.
  • Wide platforms – If your cats are longer and wider, this extra space is for great for your cat’s stretching and wide enough for laying versus your table.


  • Wide size – Although, this 53” depth is spacious, it may be cumbersome in tight fitting areas around the house. It may be on its own island that is away from your sight.

4. Go Pet Club Kitten Tree Condo House

Go Pet Club Cat Tree,47.5-inch,Brown

A medium-sized tree house perfect for a corner or end of a room area. Even, though the structure is modest, the 3-tiered house has functionality. It incorporated a single condo with one entry for extra darkness and a sink hole. It welcomes a staircase with three separate scratches attached to it.

Your buddy’s entertainment is fulfilled with a hanging rope and cute mouse toy. Three faux furred platforms are constructed with one rising perch that has a conveniently stacked quality to it that saves space indoors.

My cats have finally stopped dipping their claws in my furniture with the extra scratchers on the staircase. They love climbing to the tallest tier that is sturdy enough for my cat that weighs 15 lbs and providing them enough for lounging.


  • Space saver – For it being medium stature, this find is perfect in a small area or corner while providing comfort in consolidation.
  • Single cat-friendly – A great option for a single cat, since the platforms are well-rounded with functionality and toys.
  • All-in-one – Offers multiple functions and toys that have three to four resting platforms.


  • Triangle condo – If you would like a box shaped condo, this tree only provides a triangle shaped for corners. This may not be for your cat depending on how large they are.

5. Vesper Cat Furniture

Vesper Cat Tree Scratching Post with Condo - Walnut Furniture

An innovative tree design that is not only eye-catching but durable. The reinforced wood paneling is your cat’s dream house with its construction of medium-density fiberboard for high-quality. Your cat will be comfortable just like you with elegant removable cushions that are formed with memory foam.

As you kick your feet back on the new furniture, so can your cuddly companion on a condo with two platforms and a front and back entry. Let’s not forget the tall poles laced in rope and a bonus toy for extra play. It also has detachable parts that make this convenient if you are moving place to place or you would like to adjust the size.


  • Triangle condo – If you would like a box shaped condo, this tree only provides a triangle shaped for corners. This may not be for your cat depending on how large they are.
  • Design – An excellent choice to adapt to the interior decor in your area with modern wood finishes.
  • Connect more furniture – Since this is a collection line, there are other smaller tree options you can connect to it later on. They provide the same design but with other functions.


  • Minimal functions – If your cats have multiple needs like two condos or a ladder, you may have to cross this one off the list. Friendly for felines who just need a rest or climb every now and then.

6. Go Pet Club Huge Pet Tree

Go Pet Club Huge Cat Tree Beige Color

This giant cat castle has a 92 to 106” height that is great for cats who love to climb high places like your fridge. It provides endless comfort with three hanging hammocks and three circular condos.

As your cats climb to the sky, there are reinforced ladders and about 6-7 scratching posts for a dynamic build. There are a few dangling ropes and two side perches for extra play, but this lounger is definitely roomy.

Your comfy feline will not have any safety issues when it comes to this pick due to its compressed wood, faux fur and sisal rope materials. It can be great for extra vertical space as the top pole can be attached to the ceiling and this castle has about 18 levels that spiral upward, talk about a cat workout.


  • Multiple hammocks – Ideal for multiple cats who like being in a tree with an up-in-the-air quality.
  • Detachable pole – This is great if you want a long vertical length but do not want to compromise your ceiling. Also, it can be attached to the ceiling which is reusable.
  • Long staircase – As you will see, the zig zag ladders are great for your cats to enjoy the extra altitude and movement.


  • Too much resting – If you want more play functions, sink holes or toys, this may not be suitable for your tabby.

Final Verdict & Review

Feandrea Multi-Level Tree










Test-Cat Approval



  • Great design & look
  • Lots to do for many cats
  • Wall attatchment
  • Very stable


  • Maybe too big for just one cat

There you have it, six choices tailored for your large cat with functionality and style. Most of our picks were spacious enough to house a three to five cat party. Any one of these will give you a peace of mind knowing your large and in charge feline is securely planted on a playhouse filled with climbs and tiers.

However, our recommendation that stood out in all categories: design, comfort or size, functionality and exercise for large cats has to go to the Feandrea 67 inch tall multi-level cat tree.

This tree provides the comfort level with three plush perches used for play or seating encased with cat pillows and has multiple tiers for climbing with universal qualities. The platforms are large enough for playing and the side perches are convenient for entering. With up to 15 scratching posts and a stairway style ramp, this luxury unit has great functionality for exercise and lounging.

Last but not least, the reinforcement band that attaches to the wall is an added protection that reducing tipping.

Buying Guide

Design and size – Design and size can matter if your feline has a larger size or longer frame and may need more spacious platforms for relaxing or playing. A design that provides a high point can give your cat confidence in altitude. Also, a unit offering a stackable design is a great space saver next to your couch. Going further, choose multiple tiers and cubbies since these features can provide a safe sleeping area and give extra climbing exercises.

Cat character – Not all cats are alike, depending on the breed, some have higher levels of energy and more are prone to the sloth side of life. Also, other cats need more stimulation than others due to either their anxiety levels or distraction level, etc. Not only that, you should consider their age, size and if they are a tree climber because some cats are not. You may have cats that feel better in an enclosed space which feeds the need for a condo with only one opening.

To scratch or not scratch – If you already have trained your cat on a sisal rope, of course, gear your choice toward those poles for scratching. If you are unsure, choose a tree that has several options to see where kitty scratches the most. Some may have cardboard planks that are designed with this in mind for your cat.

Structure – You may have more than one feline for this tree’s use, so keep this in mind when analyzing the structure’s dimensions and where it will sit in your area and the durability for your cat party. Also, keep in mind how much space the structure will take up in your living area. Consider how the structure uses its functionality and which features are more desirable to your cat such as platforms, cubbies or perches. Also, factor in where you are placing the tree, and who it will be nearby along with measuring the area first.

Functionality – These can range from how many tiers to toys that are detailed in the overall atmosphere. Keep a list of which functions are most important to you first then start browsing. If you want a few tunnels but prefer cozier cubbies, then prioritize which function is best for your cat’s character. Sometimes added embellishments like mice toys are already in your drawer and you rather spoil your feline with more staircases because they need exercise.

Construction – Materials usually matter when you invest in a playhouse because not only is long-term use a factor but how secure is the tree to hold the weight of your cat or multiple cats. Also, consider the assembly and hardware that fastens the overall framework and the manufactured materials as well. Pressed wood, oak, pine, and MDR are better quality materials than plywood. Another factor, consider fasteners such as screws that will tighten more than nails. Lastly, measure the weight and depth of your pet to determine if they will fit within the tunnels, condos, platforms, and stairs.

Budget – This really depends on what you want to invest in your feline friend. On average, cat trees can range from anywhere from $100 to $500 dollars. There are some selections that are under the $100 dollar mark. However, these range from small to medium size with modest accommodations. They may not have as many functions or scratch posts either. Usually, the more you invest the more quality you attain with a composite of materials, safety, sturdiness and more.

Assembly required – You might want to account for this when browsing because if you have the natural builder in you then this feature is great. The instructions, hardware, and screws will more than likely be included for easier assembly. On the other hand, if the assembly is daunting or confusing to you, consider options that are pre-built and you are not going to postpone your cat’s needs or give your self challenges.

Aesthetics – Some of you enjoy the cozy faux fur or carpet texture that is wrapped around the pressed wood materials. This classic look has marked the cat tree model for years, but now there are new innovative furniture collections that give a minimal and modern take to its shabby chic predecessor. Given your space, if the overall look matters to your interior design decor or maybe your art, consider other models versus the carpet version. Although quality is found in both styles and in some collections, you may have to purchase additions for extra functionality. On the plus, theses additions will match your current model.

Your living space – Consider the area and where you plan on planting your cat tree by measuring height x width x length determining which size of model is best. Also, narrow down the amount of living space you are sharing with your furry friend. Certain models may take up more space than you accounted for and you may have to change rooms or accommodate elsewhere.

Safety first – Last but certainly not least, you can determine the cat tree’s durability, structure of the model, the diameter around the poles and how many poles for safety. These factors are significant as much as the hardware. See if there are other features that will ground the tree firmly against the wall or floor to prevent tilting and falling.

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