About Us

Hi, I’m Ellie. Welcome to Pet Cat Friends!

We are a group of 15 friends dedicated to providing you with unbiased and reliable reviews of, guess what, everything that can help you become a better cat owner.

That is why we’re taking on the mission of ensuring their uncontrollable shedding and need for proper diet, care, and exercise will never be the cause of anyone giving up on them.

We’ve all been there: our outfits, floors, chairs and cushions, and (yes) food can’t escape without even without a strand to show for cuddle times. Sometimes, our cat – especially for certain breeds – need to watch out for specific genetic diseases.

But we’d rather live with this than without our beloved furry friends. Hence, the idea for this website became a legitimate venture. We want to help people like us, animal aficionados, make a significant difference in improving our lives for the better.

Aiming to make our posts informative, helpful, and relatable, we scurry marketplaces for the best products that we can arm ourselves with. And we have become very professional at it over the years!

These items featured on our platform are scrutinized to make sure that their advantages outweigh their disadvantages. We take into consideration differently styled and decorated living spaces, varied price ranges, and multiple features and functions to find the most versatile of the bunch—all of this to give you a good recommendation with our top lists and tips.

We hope to share this journey with you: our readers and friends. As time goes by, we find ourselves faced with different brands who try to coax us into trusting them into our homes. Together, let’s journey in the search of only the best of the best.

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