The Best Cat Trees of 2024

Cats are naturally curious and love to climb, so it only makes sense that they enjoy cat trees. It can provide hours of entertainment for your kitty or kitties. They provide a nice perch to rest while looking out over the room, give your cat a space to climb, and many even double as a cat scratcher.

If you’re looking to find a new one that your cat is sure to love, you’ve come to the right space. We’ve reviewed eight of the best options on the market. After reading through our reviews, you should be able to pick out the best present for your feline friend(s).

Top 8: Cat Indoor Tree Reviews




Our Rating


Price / Value


 Feandrea 67” Multi-Level Cat Tree & Condo



 Go Pet Club 62” Tree & Condo



 Vesper Cat Furniture Indoor Tree



 Feandrea Cat Tree with Scratching Board, Lounger & Condo



 Trixie Budget Tree with Hammock



 Simple Sleeper Cat Scratch Post and Bed



 MidWest Cat Furniture Budget Kitten Tree & Scratching Post



 AmazonBasics Tree with Platform


1. Feandrea 67” Multi-Level Cat Tree & Condo

FEANDREA 67 inches Multi-Level Cat Tree for Large Cats, with Cozy Perches, Stable UPCT18G

This castle of a tree provides your kitty with plenty of space to play, climb, explore, and, or course, snooze. There are six levels of fun waiting to be enjoyed by your cat.

This tree has two enclosed kitty condos which will provide the perfect space for your cat to close their eyes and take a cat nap. There are also three perches at the top of tree that have raised edges and a soft, plush covering that will provide another great spot for sleeping or keeping an eye out over the room.

Since cats love sharpening their claws, there are numerous scratchers incorporated into this tree. There is a large rectangular scratcher placed at an angle at the base of the tree, and all the poles on the tree have been covered with sisal to provide additional surfaces for your cat to scratch.

To ensure that this tree is stable and won’t tip over easily, it was constructed using high-quality materials. Beneath the plush coverings, the tree is made using a natural particle board that has been certified. Battens were added at the bottom to make it even more stable, and anti-toppling fittings were also added as an addition safety measure.

You can get this one in Smoky Gray or Light Gray.


  • This tree is large and will provide plenty of space for multiple cats.
  • There are five areas of the tree that will make a good spot for your cat to curl up and take a nap.
  • The poles are wrapped with sisal to give your cat a spot to scratch.


  • This is the most expensive item on our list.

2. Go Pet Club 62” Cat Tree & Condo

Go Pet Club Brown 62" Cat Condo F68

Our test-cats love the Go Pet Club tree! There are multiple levels and features for your cat to explore and enjoy. There is a cat condo, a comfy cat bed, a hammock, and a high-perch on this tree.

In addition to these surfaces, the tree also features a ladder with sisal-wrapped steps to double as a scratching post, sisal-wrapped poles for scratching, a hanging rope toy, and a small tunnel. Your cat will keep themselves entertained for hours on their new cat tree.

The tree comes in pieces, but all the tools you’ll need, along with clear directions, are included. It is available in five different colors to allow you to choose the color that will look best in your space. You can choose from brown, black, beige, gray, or blue.


  • There are lots of soft and cuddly surfaces where your cat can take a nice nap.
  • The ladder’s steps are wrapped with sisal to provide a good spot for your cat to scratch their nails.
  • Your cat will enjoy playing in the tunnel and with the hanging rope toy.


  • This tree has a larger footprint than some of the other options and will take up more space in your room.

3. Vesper Cat Furniture Tree

Vesper Cat Tree Scratching Post with Condo - Walnut Furniture

If you are looking for a smaller option, consider the Vesper Cat Furniture Tree. In addition to the large wood base on their tree, there are three different levels for your cat to enjoy. One of the levels has a spacious wood kitty condo, and the highest level functions nicely as a perch to allow your cat to look out over everything happening around them.

To keep your cat comfy when they use this tree, the perches and kitty condo have a memory foam cushion. The cushion can be removed for cleaning.

All of the poles the support the tree have been wrapped with sisal to provide the perfect scratching surface for your cat. There is also a toy hanging down from the top level that will entice your cat and provide them something to play with.


  • The kitty condo and perches have a soft and comfortable memory foam cushion for your cat.
  • The poles are wrapped with sisal to give your cat an acceptable place to scratch.
  • The hanging toy will provide entertainment for your kitty.


  • There is only one kitty condo on this tree.

4. Feandrea Cat Tree & Scratching Board, Lounger & Condo

FEANDREA Cat Tree with Scratching Board, Basket Lounger and Large Cave UPCT60H

This Feandrea tree provides your cat with the perfect spot to sleep, play, and explore. It features five levels for your kitty to enjoy. There is a plush sleeper at the top where your cat will have the best view of your room, a spacious kitty condo, and a basket lounger.

The support poles for the tree have all be wrapped with a sisal material, so your cat will be able to sharpen their claws from just about any spot on the tree. There is also a large, flat scratching pad on the base of the tree.

To provide your kitty with some fun entertainment, there are two hanging toys on this one. One toy hangs down from each of the top two levels.

This cat tree is made using CARB-certified particle boards that have been strengthened with battens and anti-toppling fittings. A wall anchor and strap are also included as an additional safety measure.


  • The support poles are wrapped in sisal and there is a large flat scratching pad on the bottom to allow your cats to sharpen their claws whenever they feel the urge.
  • There are two hanging toys for your kitty to play with.
  • There are five different levels and three different sleeping spots.


  • You will need to assemble the tree when it is delivered.

5. Trixie Budget Tree with Hammock

TRIXIE Pet Products Baza Cat Tree

If you only have one cat or have a tight space, the Trixie budget option may be a good option to consider. This is a mini cat tree that has a base and a hammock where your cat can curl up and relax. The hammock is covered with a plush fabric to keep your kitty cozy as they curl up.

There are two poles that hold up the hammock, and they are both wrapped in natural sisal. This will allow the tree to double as a scratching post, another feature that you’ll definitely appreciate if you’re tight on space.

Hanging down from the hammock is a pom pom toy for your cat to bat at from above or below. This product is a light cream color, making it a neutral option that should match with your existing furniture and décor.


  • The hammock is covered with a soft fabric to keep your cat comfortable as they rest.
  • The two support poles are wrapped with sisal to provide an area for your cat to scratch.
  • There is a hanging pom pom toy that your cat will enjoy swatting.


  • This tree won’t provide your cat with much space to climb or jump.

6. Simple Sleeper Cat Scratch Post and Bed

Molly and Friends "Simple Sleeper" Premium Handmade 2-Tier Cat Tree with Sisal, Model 23, Beige, Colors May Vary

If your main reason for looking for a cat tree is to provide a spot for your cat to take a nap, then think about the Simple Sleeper Cat Scratch Post. This one has two levels; each level offers a nice place for your cat to sleep.

The first level is curved and will keep your cat feeling safe and supported. It is also open on two ends and longer than some other sleeping areas on other trees, so your cat will really be able to stretch out.

The top level of the tree has a round bed where your cat can curl up and get comfy. The top bed also doubles as a perch and will allow your cat to keep an eye out on what’s going on around them from a safe height.

The pillar for the top tier is wrapped with sisal to allow your cats to use the tree as a scratching post. It is is designed to be durable with quality materials and construction. It is made in The United States by hand and will not require any assembly when it arrives.


  • No assembly is required.
  • There are two large sleeping areas for your cat or cats.
  • This cat tree is handmade in The United States.


  • There is only one scratching post on this tree.

7. MidWest Cat Furniture Budget Tree & Scratching Post

MidWest Homes for Pets Cat Tree | Salvador Cat Tree w/Built-in Sisal Cat Scratching Pad & Cat Look-Out Lounge, Black/White Pattern, Small Cat Tree

If you’re looking for a cat tree that is unique, consider this option by MidWest. It has a fun, black and white floral cover, so it will be an attention grabber in your home as well.

There is one main upper level on this tree that is divided into two sections. The first section is a large round platform where your cat can sit or play.

There is a tunnel where your kitty can get cozy and take a nap on the second section. The tunnel also has a lookout hole to allow your cat to peek out the side and keep an eye on their surroundings.

The section that holds up the tunnel and platform has a large sisal scratching pad. /to help ensure your cats will actually use the scratching pad, it is vertical, making it a good position for your cats to use it. There is also a small toy hanging down from the platform that your kitty can play with.


  • The scratching post is at a good angle for your cats to use it.
  • The tunnel has a hole on the side to allow your cat to look out and see what’s happening.
  • There is a toy for your cat to play with that hangs down from the platform.


  • Depending on your taste, the floral pattern may make the tree a bit busy for you.

8. AmazonBasics Kitten Tree with Platform

AmazonBasics Extra Large Cat Tree with Cave And Step Ladder - 19 x 50 x 19 Inches, Beige

The AmazonBasics Cat Tree with Platform offers your kitty lots of different opportunities for enjoyment. There is one enclosed kitty condo for where your cat can snooze without disruptions, a large circular perch, and a cozy top-level cat bed.

Your cat or cats will love playing and jumping around on this cat tree. It features a ladder that leads up to the enclosed sleeping area, as well as plenty of space for multiple cats to have fun together.

The five poles that support this tree have all been wrapped with a natural jute fiber. This will not only provide your cat with an acceptable surface to sharpen their claws, but it can also help keep them to have healthier nails.

This product comes in a light beige. Since this is a more neutral color, it should look fine in any room in your home.


  • The top level of the tree has a soft and plush bed for your cat.
  • Your cats will enjoy going up the ladder and jumping to the different levels of the tree.
  • The jute fiber that covers the poles will keep your cat’s nails healthy when they scratch.


  • If you have multiple cats, some of the other options with more levels and space may be a better option to consider.

Final Verdict & Review

Feandrea Multi-Level Cat Tree










Test-Cat Approval



  • Great design & look
  • Lots to do for many cats
  • Wall attatchment
  • Very stable


  • Maybe too big for just one cat

While your cat is sure to enjoy any of the cat trees we reviewed above, our favorite option is the Feandrea Multi-Level Tree. It just has so much to offer your kitty with its numerous levels of fun.

If you have more than one cat, they’ll appreciate the numerous sleeping options provided by this cat climbing tree. There are three soft, plush beds and two kitty condos.

Your cat will also enjoy all the sisal-wrapped poles and the large scratching post, since they’ll be able to sharpen their claws whenever they want. And, you’ll enjoy that they’re scratching on the cat adventure tree instead of on your furniture or carpets.

This tree is also designed to be stable to prevent it from tipping over. It is constructed using durable and high-quality materials that are designed to withstand what your cats throw at it.

We think the Feandrea tree is a great option for your kitties! Place your order today, and you’ll soon see how much they truly love this amazing cat tree.

Buying Guide

If a new cat tree for your kitty or kitties is at the top of your list, take a few moments to compare the different options above. We made sure our top list contains only very good trees, and they are diverse in size and shape. Think about what you’re looking for in the tree your purchase and which features are most important to you. Also, we recommend getting a window perch as well.

Number of Levels/Height

First, you should consider the height of the different trees and the number of levels they have. If you have a large cat or more than one, you’ll likely want to consider a cat tree with more levels, since it will allow your cats to each enjoy their own space. Likewise, if your cat or cats seem to prefer sitting high up, you may want to find a tree that is on the taller side.

Sleeping Zones

Next, consider the number of sleeping spaces that are offered by each tree. Again, take into consideration how many cats you have and look for a tree that will allow each of them to cuddle up in their own warm space when they want.

In addition to looking at how many spaces there are to sleep, you should look at what types of spaces are offered by the different trees. You’re likely to find trees that have a kitty condo, plush sleeping bed, or a hammock. Think about what your cat or cats seem to prefer, and make your selection using this information. Or, better yet, choose a tree that offers more than one type of sleeping space.

Overall Design

You should also consider the overall design of the different trees you are looking at. How are they laid out? Does it look like they will provide enough space for your kitties to climb and play?

Scratching Posts

Selecting a tree with scratching posts is important. It can provide your cat with an acceptable alternative to sharpening their claws on your carpets or furniture.

Many cat indoor trees feature sisal-wrapped poles. Some trees also incorporate a larger scratching post or pad into their design. Think about what your cats will be most likely to use as you decide which options are best for you.

Materials and Stability

Finding a product that is stable and durable is very important. You want to be sure to pick something that isn’t likely to tip over, potentially harming your cat. Some trees also come with a strap that you can use to anchor them to the wall, which will provide additional stability.

You should also look for a cat tree that is made using high-quality materials. Look for options that are constructed using quality woods or certified particle boards. You should also consider the durability of the outer material that covers the tree.


Just about all cats love toys (and chew toys) and would have a good time batting at a toy hanging off of a cat indoor tree. Look for products that come with this extra, since it will bring some fun and excitement to your kitty’s life.


Most cat climbing trees you purchase online will likely be boxed and shipped in pieces, so it is likely you’ll need to assemble them yourself. However, be sure to pick an option that sounds like it is easy to assemble and includes clear directions that will help walk you through each step.


Finally, don’t forget the color! If you’ll be putting the cat tree in a main living space in your home, it would be nice if it looks like it coordinates with the furniture and decorations you have in your space. If your cat has expressed any preferences towards certain colors, you can also keep this in mind when you select your cat tree.

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