The Best Robot Vacuums for Pet Hair in 2024

We all know how fun our furry family members can be, but also know they can be messy and dealing with pet hair is a nuisance. Whether its carpets or hard floors, hair gets everywhere and needs to be dealt with consistently.

Today, robot vacuums have gotten so good they may just become your greatest ally in the battle against pet hair.  They do all the floor work on their own and save a huge amount of time. They also help to eliminate allergens that can make you sick, and some can even mop and vacuum your floors at the same time!

On this page, we are listing the best 10 vacuum robots this year.

Top 10: Robotic Vacuum Reviews




Our Rating


Price / Value


iRobot Roomba 690



iRobot Roomba 980



Shark IQ R101AE



Eufy RoboVac 30C



Neato Robotics Botvac



Samsung POWERbot R7065



Ecovacs Deebot M81 Pro



Eufy Robovac 11+



Roborock E20



iRobot Roomba i7+


1. iRobot Roomba 690

iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum- Wi-Fi Connected Mapping, Works with Alexa, Ideal for Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard Floors

While this is not the newest Roomba, it is our top pick because its price point and performance work out the best.

The Roomba 690 is a lifesaver and does an amazing job of picking up pet hair. Its improved powerful suction now lifts all dirt and hair 5 times more the amount than previous versions. This vacuum has WIFI enabled, giving you the ability to connect with Alexa and Google Assistant. It also features a premium 3-stage cleaning system with a high-efficiency filter that is sure to capture 99% of allergens, pollen, dust and tiny particles as small as 10 microns. This vacuum can swiftly adjust from cleaning your carpet and hard floors with ease because of its dual multi-surface rubber brushes.

The Roomba 690 is a very intelligent robot mapping out the entire level of your home while capturing thousands of exact measurements every millisecond to optimize coverage, and when it is done cleaning, it recharges itself until it is time to start its job again. This is a great vacuum cleaner and among the Pet Cat Friends, about 4 of us use this very model ourselves in our respective homes.


  • Cleans both carpet and hard surface floors
  • Maps entire floor level to ensure every area is covered
  • Embedded filter that captures 99% of unseen particles
  • Customizable with Alexa or Google Assistant
  • Sensible price point compared to other Roomba models
  • Self recharge


  • Sometimes has a hard time finding its charger

2. iRobot Roomba 980

iRobot Roomba 980 Wi-Fi Connected Vacuuming Robot

The 980 is a great model and naturally better than the 690 (our top pick) but lands only on second place due to its much higher price point. This vacuum has been improved to pick up 10 times more the amount of dirt, pollen, and allergen it once did before.

With a navigation system that allows it to map out the entire floor level while maneuvering around furniture and other objects, this vacuum has a three-stage system that allows it to clean both carpet and hard floors, and it automatically increases suction by activating “Power Boost” while cleaning carpets.

This model also runs up to 120 minutes and returns to its charger when running low. You can schedule its routine and cleaning times via a mobile phone app. It is likely the ultimate robot vacuum today but, as I said, comes at a much higher price point than other models. This is the only thing holding it back.


  • Does everything the Roomba 690 does, except better.


  • Premium price point

3. Shark IQ R101AE

Shark IQ R101AE with Self-Empty Base, Wi-Fi, Home Mapping Robot Vacuum (RV1001AE), With Auto Dock, Black

Shark is the perfect name for this vacuum. If you hate cleaning out your vacuum cleaner like most of us, this robot will have your back. Its self-empty base feature enables it to hold debris and dirt for up to 30 days so you don’t have to worry about emptying it for a whole month!

It is also able to pick up larger pieces of debris, and its self-cleaning brushes allow it to remove pet and longer pieces of hair from its brush rolls as it cleans. This is perfect for any working family that have little time to clean their home.

This vacuum is also very smart. It never cleans the same area twice, it maps out your home and cleans each room row by row to save battery life, and once it is done, it returns to base and recharges itself. This vacuum bot is phenomenal.

Further reading: Check this page for a list of top Shark vacuums.


  • Self-chargeable
  • App and voice-controlled
  • Ability to schedule cleaning times
  • Self-cleaning brush roll
  • Self-emptying base


  • No HEPA filter
  • Sometimes has a hard time finding its charging station

4. Eufy RoboVac 30C

eufy [BoostIQ] RoboVac 30C, Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Wi-Fi, Super-Thin, 1500Pa Suction, Boundary Strips Included, Quiet, Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Cleans Hard Floors to Medium-Pile Carpets

Shhhhh… Do you hear that? Barely. That’s the Eufy vacuum cleaner running. It is so quiet which is one of its best features. If you’re like me, every now and then when the house is empty, you like to kick up your feet and read a book. Don’t worry, this vacuum cleaner will get the job done with no loud interruptions.

This vacuum runs with a powerful 1500Pa suction with a volume compared to a microwave for up to 100 minutes. It comes with 13.2ft of boundary strips, a remote control, extra filters, an AC power adapter, and a charging base.

The Eufy vacuum is sure to take care of your pet hair congested carpet while conserving its power. It only uses a boost of energy in those tough areas while remaining quiet. This vacuum cleaner also can climb over door ledges and carpets, but its smart sensors keep it from falling downstairs, so you don’t ever have to pay much attention to it.


  • Up to 100 minutes of cleaning time
  • Extremely quiet
  • Large wheels to help climb door ledges


  • Not suitable for high-pile carpets

5. Neato Robotics Botvac

Neato Botvac Connected Wi-Fi Enabled Robot Vacuum, Compatible with Alexa

This robot is compatible with WIFI connectivity for complete control. You can operate this device whenever and wherever you are by downloading the Neato app. This vacuum cleaner also works with Amazon Alexa so you can enable voice commands.

One of the best features this vacuum has is its design. Its D-shape design allows it to navigate closer to your walls to thoroughly clean edges and corners. It is also equipped with LaserSmart which gives it the ability to map out your home and detect objects in real-time to avoid collisions.

You can also choose between Eco and Turbo Mode when cleaning your floors. Eco Mode is a lot quieter and doesn’t use a lot of power which saves you running time, but for those areas that are harder to clean, Turbo Mode will be more efficient. You can be certain this robot cleaner will get the job done.


  • Excellent battery life
  • App-controlled features
  • D-shape design that allows it to clean edges and corners with ease


  • Can be loud when in Turbo Mode

6. Samsung POWERbot R7065

Samsung POWERbot R7065 Robot Vacuum Wi-Fi Connectivity, Ideal for Carpets, Hard Floors, and Pet Hair with 5160Pa Strong Performance, Works with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant

With a strong performance, this vacuum robot is enabled with a power control that automatically detects which type of surface it is cleaning, and it adjusts its suction for each different surface. It is Cyclone Force Technology-enabled. This gives it the ability to separate its dirt and debris into an outer chamber to reduce clogging.

It also comes with a washable filter to cut down on the cost to maintain your vacuum, so instead of constantly buying a new filter, you can wash it. It also cleans floor edges with ease. A rubber blade extends from the side of the vacuum cleaner to clean those hard to reach areas, and its wide motorized brush gives it that extra boost to clean larger areas with less movement.

This vacuum cleaner also is manufactured with “EasyPass wheels” so that it is able to move around your house with ease. Its wheels move over obstacles with no problem and it transitions from carpet to hard surface floors with no problem as well. It has WIFI connectivity allowing you to schedule cleaning times right from your smart phone, or you can activate voice commands using Amazon Alexa, Bixby devices, or Google Assistant.


  • Powerful suction
  • WIFI connectivity
  • Rubber extensions to clean edges
  • Ability to separate dirt and debris to reduce clogging


  • Bulkier than most robot vacuums
  • Battery life could be longer

7. Ecovacs Deebot M81 Pro

ECOVACS DEEBOT M81Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Strong Suction, for Pet Hair, Low-pile Carpet, Bare Floors, Wifi Connected, Compatible with Alexa

Have you ever wished someone would sweep your floors and then mop them after? Well, if this is something you have hoped for in the past, then the Ecovacs Deepot is definitely the robot vacuum cleaner for you. The best thing about this vacuum is it has not three, but a five-stage cleaning system that vacuums, sweeps, mops, lifts and dries in a single motion.

This robot vacuum cleaner also comes with interchangeable suction features which are a unique v-shaped tangle-free extractor to extract pet hair, and a v-shaped brush used to give your floor a deep cleaning. This robot runs for up to 100 minutes. It also has a dustbin with a huge capacity to reduce the number of times it needs to be emptied.

Have you ever been in a rush to get to work or to make it to a doctor’s appointment? If you are like me, you rushed out forgetting to do a few things. With company coming over for dinner in the evening, the floor needs to be vacuumed! If this ever happens to you just know the DeeBot has you covered. By simply downloading their app and registering, you can schedule your robot to vacuum even when you are nowhere in sight. You can also check its status to see how far it has gotten in its cleaning routine. This vacuum cleaner is sure to take care of your home no matter where you are.


  • Schedule cleaning from anywhere
  • Large dustbin to reduce frequent emptying
  • 5-stage cleaning system (sweep, mop, lift, vacuum, and dries)


  • Not suitable for medium or large pile carpets

8. Eufy Robovac 11+

[BoostIQ] eufy RoboVac 11+ (2nd Gen: Upgraded Bumper and Suction Inlet) High Suction, Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Filter for Pet Fur, Cleans Hard Floors to Medium-Pile Carpets

Compared to previous models, the Robovac 11+has an upgraded front bumper to improve its movement around furniture and an upgraded suction system to lift more dirt. It also features its new BoostIQ Technology which automatically controls its suction power. Like many robot vacuums on this list, the Robovac also identifies when an increase of suctioning power is needed to tackle those difficult areas.

It has also upgraded its 3-point cleaning system. Its rolling brushes are now wider and more powerful than ever. They are two-sided brushes used to reduce trapped dirt, and it also comes with an anti-scratch tempered glass cover, 11 infrared sensors to avoid collisions, and a drop sensor to help it avoid falling down high places such as stairs.

This vacuum cleaner is more affordable and great for homes with low maintenance. It does not come with WIFI connectivity and there is no app for you to download to schedule a cleaning time while you are at the doctor’s office, but it does come with a remote control that allows you to schedule cleanings and change cleaning modes right from your couch. To some, this is the perfect gift to give grandma or grandpa who may not know how to use or download an app but can use a remote. This robot may not be as tech savvy, but it is perfect for those who are simple.


  • 11 infrared sensors
  • BoostIQ Technology allowing it to sense when deeper cleaning is needed
  • Anti-scratch tempered glass used to protect the robot


  • No WIFI connectivity
  • Not suitable for large or medium pile carpets
  • Is not equipped with floor mapping

9. Roborock E20

Roborock E20 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Vacuum and Mop Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, 1800Pa Strong Suction, App Control, Route Planning for Pet Hair, Hard Floor, Carpet

The Roborock is an affordable put powerful vacuum cleaner. With a 1800Pa intense suction power system, you can be certain this robot is thoroughly attacking every dirt, crumb, debris, and allergen particles in its path, and it shows no mercy.

This vacuum cleaner is equipped with gyroscopes and navigation algorithms to give it a logical cleaning path, and it is also equipped with a large dustbin to increase dirt capacity. Don’t worry about having loud noises in the background as you watch your favorite show or even take a nap. This vacuum is known for its low noise levels and it runs up to 100 minutes returning to its charge station when it has a low battery.

Not only does it vacuum your home, but you can also set it to mop your floors at the same time, but do not worry about large puddles being left behind. This vacuum cleaner sucks water into the mop as it cleans, and it climbs thresholds with ease. You can even map out a route you want your vacuum to take while cleaning.

This is an app-controlled vacuum with the ability to not only schedule cleaning times, but you can also use your app to control or direct your robot’s movement and spot clean. It also has an electric eye tracking device embedded to track where it has cleaned. I must say this is a great robot vacuum cleaner.


  • Powerful 1800Pa suction system
  • Total app control
  • Ability to mop and vacuum


  • Heavier than others

10. iRobot Roomba i7+

iRobot Roomba i7+ (7550) Robot Vacuum with Automatic Dirt Disposal-Empties Itself, Wi-Fi Connected, Smart Mapping, Works with Alexa, Ideal for Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard Floors, Black

The Roomba i7+ is more on the expensive side, but all the great features make up for it. It has been patented with iAdapt 3.0 Navigation and vSLAM Technology. This allows your robot to naturally navigate your home and clean an entire level with ease.

The Imprint Smart Mapping feature allows your robot to learn, map, and adjust to your home while you control when and which rooms you want it to clean. It also has a premium three-stage cleaning system the allows it to clean embedded dirt, pet hair, allergens, and dust we cannot see. It delivers a powerlifting suction up to 10 times the air power to provoke a thorough cleaning session.

It also has the ability to empty it’s own contents so you do not have to think about vacuuming weeks at a time. Its dirt disposal holds 30 bins of dirt, hair, and debris, and its filter locks in 99% captured dog and cat allergens so if you suffer from pet allergies this is perfect for you.


  • Self-emptying feature
  • Ability to map out your home by learning and adjusting to its layout
  • Filter locks in 99% captured pet allergens
  • Manufactured dirt disposal that holds 30 bins of dirt, hair, and etc.


  • Expensive

Final Verdict & Review

iRobot Roomba 960


Overall quality


Artificial Intelligence


Pet Hair Removal





  • High-Efficiency filter
  • WIFI connectivity
  • Intelligent mapping
  • Works on all floor types
  • Self-charging


  • Sometimes needs a few tries to find its charger

If you are wondering of all the robots on our list, the iRobot Roomba 690 made it to the top. It offers the best balance of features, performance, and price – and 4 members of our team use it themselves at home. It is easy to use and it absolutely picks up those small, 10 microns, unseen particles, so if you suffer from allergies like many of us, this vacuum cleaner will help eliminate some of those issues.

Its technology is efficient and captures 1000s of precise measurements every millisecond to optimize coverage in your home. That’s amazing! You can rest assured knowing this smart robot is cleaning every inch of each room it is permitted to reach, and you can do all of this without touching it. Its WIFI connectivity gives it the ability to enable voice commands. “Alexa start the vacuum cleaner.” This can be said and done all while you are sitting on the couch. With this bot hustling around, you do not have to worry about pet hair on the floor anymore.

Should You Invest in a Pet Hair Robot Vacuum?

There are many benefits to having a robot that is designed to lift dirt in tough spots. A few reasons you should purchase one are if you have allergies, if you like to maintain a routine cleaning schedule, if you have a dog or cat, and if you have only wood, laminate, tile, or low pile carpeting in your home.

If you are allergic to dust and pollen, then you know how annoying it can be to constantly sneeze, be itchy, and have watery eyes. Sometimes I even break out in hives. Some of these vacuum cleaners are designed to help with that problem by eliminating 99% of the dust, dirt, and debris on our floors, and it is easier to be able to do this when you set up your robot vacuum to accommodate your cleaning routine.

Even though some vacuums are designed to work on medium to high pile carpets, they do work better on tile, wood, laminate, and low pile carpets, so if this sounds like you and your home, then investing into a robot is a great idea.


Robots do tend to cost more than regular vacuum cleaners like canister models or cordless models, so when deciding which cleaner to purchase, consider having a budget and consider which features you are willing to pay for. Make a list of what you absolutely need and what you just want. You may find that the robot that does not have a mopping feature is more suitable for what you need and can afford at the moment.

Room Layout

You should also consider the layout design of each of your rooms in your home. A robot is not ideal for every home. If your home has a lot of obstacles such as high thresholds, a lot of stairs, and various tight spots, then a robotic vacuum for pet hair may not be efficient. A traditional vacuum cleaner may be better.

Type of Flooring

As mentioned prior, robots work better on low pile surfaces (tile, low carpet, wood, etc), but there are some robots that are designed to work on high pile flooring. If your carpet is thicker, then you want to make sure you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that can accommodate your household. Look for a robot that has a medium to high pile feature.

Since robots can only access the floors, they can’t climbs stairs or clean upholstery. We recommend a good pet hair broom and a suitable handheld vacuum for this job!

Size of Vacuum Cleaner

You should also take in the size, height, and width of a vacuum cleaner into account. If you have low sitting furniture then you want to make sure you purchase a machine that is short and small enough to fit under your furniture. Remember the point of having a pet hair robot vacuum is to clean your entire room and reach all of the dirt, pet hair, and allergens we cannot see. If your robot does not do this then you are not getting your money’s worth.

Suction Power

Robots usually have between 1500Pa and 2500Pa. Of course, the higher the number the more suction power it has, and the more suction power it has the more thoroughly clean your robot will give your carpet and floors.

Battery Life

Most robots have a battery life that runs well over an hour, but there are some that run for just an hour. If you have a larger home with a lot of rooms then you should consider getting a vacuum cleaner that can last you for over an hour so that it can get the job done sooner.


What’s an exceptional robot cleaner without a filter? Filters are important, especially if you have allergies. Look for vacuum cleaners with a built-in filter that captures and traps dirt, dust and other unseen particles. It should say something like HEPA filter, microfilter, or anything similar to that. This is an important component of your vacuum cleaner.

Well, there you have it. Our top ten robot list and a handy buyers guide. Whichever vacuum cleaner you decide to go with make sure it fits everything you need before everything you want, and do not forget to make your list. It was fun sharing our experiences with you. Good luck on finding the perfect pet hair vacuum robot for your household. Happy hunting!

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