The Best Pet Hair Remover Tools of 2024

As a pet parent, you have to deal with finding pet hair randomly placed around your house. Regardless of whether you have a cat or a dog, it can be frustrating to constantly clean up the hair.

Some breeds of cats and dogs are known for shedding more hair than others, but most pets shed at least some hair, and it can be extremely noticeable, especially on dark furniture.

You may have tried several different methods to try and get rid of the hair, but some of them simply don’t work. That being said, here are some of the best tools that can provide you with the benefit of easily removing hair from your house along with some of the most vital information needed in order to find the best pet removal tools on the market.

Our Top 10 List




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ChomChom Roller Pet Hair Removal Tool



PetNeat Grooming Brush



FURminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool



Nado Care Pet Hair Roller



Brellavi Brush with Self-Cleaning Base



True Touch Five Finger Deshedding Glove



Evercare Magik Brush



Evriholder FURemover Duo



Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum



Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter


1. ChomChom Roller Pet Hair Removal Tool

ChomChom Roller Dog Hair, Cat Hair, Pet Hair Remover

You should check out this roller for pet hair because it has the ability to remove hair from various different surfaces, including couches, beds, comforters and even blankets. This tool can also be used multiple times, since it doesn’t have any sticky tape or adhesive paper that needs to be replaced after running out.

In order to use this product, you only have to move the roller in short back and forth movements, allowing the interior roller to pick up all of the hair from the surface you’re trying to retract it from.

This product is also easy to clean, since you only have to remove the hair and other debris from the dust receptacle. Given that you can reuse this product, it offers eco-friendly properties. Not only that, but it doesn’t require the use of any electricity or battery power.


  • Easy to clean the pet hair, dust and debris from the receptacle
  • Environmentally friendly, since it uses no batteries or power source
  • Reusable and can transported anywhere with you


  • Not suitable for thick hair

2. PetNeat Grooming Brush

Pet Grooming Brush Effectively Reduces Shedding Byup to 95% Professional Deshedding Tool for Dogs & Cats

This tool is highly recommended for you because it not only removes hair from your pet’s coat, but it also has the ability to prevent future hair from falling out, since it helps to detangle their coat. By detangling the fur, this tool is able to keep your pet’s hair straight and lessens the risk of knots forming and causing the hair to fall.

In addition to those benefits, this pet removal tool is durable and constructed to last, since it features stable stainless steel prongs that act as a brush as well as a durable plastic outer casing for a long-lasting construction.

Given the small stainless steel prongs, this hair comb has the ability to make your pet’s coat shine and remain tangle and knot free. It even has an anti-slip gripping on the handle for easy usability.


  • Affordable
  • Easy storage, since it features a hole at the top of the handle to help hang the device anywhere
  • Durable construction with stainless steel prongs


  • Doesn’t remove hair from furniture or blankets

3. FURminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool

Furminator Longhair deShedding Tool for Large Dogs

You’re advised to check out this pet hair tool because you have the ability to choose a certain size that you want the tool to be, such as an extra small tool, small, medium, large or even a giant one. Because of that, you can choose the best product that works for your specific pet and the amount of hair that they personally shed.

In addition to that, this tool is advised for you because it features stainless steel edging that has the ability to effectively reach all the way through your pet’s top coat and to remove the excess hair until you reach the undercoat of your pet. Because of this tool’s ability to reach so deep into your pet’s coat, it can be used to prevent your pet’s hair from spreading throughout your house.

Lastly, this product offers easy usability, since it features an ergonomic handle that is comfortable and prevents your hand grip from slipping. It even offers a FURejector button that gives the device the ability to release hair with ease.


  • Available in various different sizes
  • Customizable, since you can choose between long or short hair models
  • Ensures comfort for your pet


  • Can’t remove hair from blankets

4. Nado Care Pet Hair Roller

Pet Hair Remover, Lint Roller, Lint Remover and Pet Hair Roller in one. Remove Dog, Cat Hair from Furniture, Carpets, Bedding, Clothing and more.

This Nado Care Pet Hair Roller is suggested for you because it doesn’t require any power source in order to operate the device. Instead, you’re only required to push the roller back and forth on the surface of your furniture, blankets or other surfaces that have large amounts of pet hair on them.

Because of that, you don’t have to worry about plugging the device in or changing its batteries. This feature even allows you to take the device with you wherever you go. You don’t even have to worry about replacing any of the adhesive or sticky tape, since the device simply collects the pet fur in the storage compartment of the product.

Moreover, this device can easily be reused over and over again, since you’re only required to empty the storage compartment when it’s full of hair and debris. This device also only uses friendly materials, since it’s produced with an ABS plastic body with a PP roller as well as a nylon etiquette brush.


  • Removes hair from furniture as well as your pet’s body
  • Can be reused, since it collects the fur in the compartment that you’ll have to empty when full
  • Produced with friendly materials


  • Shouldn’t be washed directly with water

5. Brellavi Brush with Self-Cleaning Base

Brellavi Pet Hair Remover Brush with Self-Cleaning Base, Double-Sided Pet Hair Remover Brush, Best Pet Hair Remover Brush for Removing Pet Hair

You should consider purchasing this hair remover for pets because it has the ability to remove not only pet hair, but also flint and other light debris from your clothes, furniture, blankets and even from your pets in general. This product can easily be used for your convenience, since you don’t have to refill the device or replace any adhesive materials on it.

Not only that, but this product is easy to clean, since you’re only required to dip the brush into the base that comes with the brush itself. This base has the ability to easily and quickly empty the hair out of the brush’s bristles. Since it comes with the cleaning tool, you don’t have to worry about pulling the hair from the tool yourself.

Lastly, this tool is recommended because it is double-sided, giving you the ability to conveniently use both sides of the brush when you want.


  • Comes with a self cleaning base that prevents you from having to clean the brush on your own
  • Can be used to clean lint, hair and debris
  • Easily portable along with the cleaning tool


  • More expensive than some of the other products on the list

6. True Touch Five Finger Deshedding Glove

True Touch Five Finger Deshedding Glove- Gentle Grooming Great Cats & Dogs with Long Or Short Fur- Includes 1 Left Hand, 1 Right Hand, 1 Lint Roller

You may benefit from checking out the True Touch glove because it’s extremely easy to use, and it’s also effective in removing hair from both your pet’s body as well as the furniture in your home. More specifically, these gloves simply fit on your hand just as any other glove would, and you’re then required to brush your hand along your pet’s body as usual.

By petting your animal with the glove on, you can easily remove the excess hair from their fur coat, preventing there from being pet hair spread around your house. By using a glove brush, you have the ability to remove hair from your pet’s body in places that are more difficult for other devices to reach, like all around their legs and behind their ears.


  • Reaches hard-to-reach places
  • Easy to use, since you only have to wear the glove to remove the hair
  • Available in either a 1 pack, 2 pack or a double sided feature


  • Can be frustrating to constantly have to remove the hair from the glove

7. Evercare Magik Brush

Evercare Magik Brush (Double Sided Lint Pic-Up Brush for Pet Lint & Dust )

Considering this Evercare Magic Brush is highly recommended for you to use for removing your pet’s hair because it acts as a standard brush that has the ability to remove all of the excess and unwanted hair from your pet’s body. Since it features a brush design that only requires you to simply run the brush along their coat, you have the ability to reuse the brush constantly.

Furthermore, this brush features a two-sided function that allows you to convert between using the top as well as the bottom of the brush for your convenience. You can also use this brush on your clothes, the furniture in your house, your pet and you can even use this device on the floor or carpet of your home.


  • Features a two-sided function
  • Removes debris from your clothes, furniture, floor and pet’s body
  • Anti-slip handle for easy usability


  • Not suitable for long hair pets

8. Evriholder FURemover Duo

Evriholder FURemover Duo, 2-Sided Lint Brush, Dog Multi-Brush, Lint Brush for Couch and Clothes, Rubber-Like Lint Brush is Dual-Sided for Pet Grooming and Lint/Hair Removal, Colors May Vary

The Evriholder FURemover Duo product is highly suggested for you because it features a double-sided function that gives you the ability to either use the thick bristle side for pets with long and lose fur or the fine bristle side for removing lint from clothing and furniture.

Because of that, you have the option to choose between which side would work best for your specific needs, rather than just offering the same material for you to remove all types of hair from all types of surfaces.

Not only that, but this brush can easily be reused, since you don’t have to replace any parts of this device in order to keep removing the hair from different surfaces. Additionally, rather than having to pull and tug at hair that may become stuck within the bristles of the brush, you have the ability to place the brush under warm water, easily removing the clumped hair.


  • Features two sides that offer different bristles for different purposes
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable


  • Hair can become tangled in the brush

9. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum, Corded, 33A1

If you have a larger amount of cat hair to remove, then this Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum is most recommended for you, since it has the ability to remove a large amount of cat hair in a short amount of time. Not only that, but it can easily remove cat hair that’s been scattered across a large territory and is embedded deep into rugs or carpets.

Additionally, this device offers filtration systems that help to ensure all of the hair is removed from your home efficiently. For instance, this vacuum offers a multi-layer filtration system that uses a Cyclonic Cleaning System. It contains a specialized rubber nozzle that can be pressed into carpets, rugs as well as various other surfaces for your convenience.


  • Comes with a 16-foot power cord
  • Offers multi-layer filtration
  • Includes a rubber nozzle as well as a plastic nozzle


  • Requires power, so it’s not as portable as other products

10. Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter

Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter - Remove Dog, Cat and Other Pet Hair from Furniture, Carpet, Bedding and Clothing - 1 Sponge

The Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter is perhaps the most portable device on this list. This product simply acts as a sponge-like device, since it only requires that you wipe away the dirt, debris and hair that your pets leave behind. Because of that, you can easily wipe down all of your car’s surfaces as well as other hard surfaces in your home, office or other places that you bring your dog.

Furthermore, this product is produced with all natural materials, so you don’t have to worry about the device leaving behind any toxic chemicals that can harm your pet’s health. It can even be used on windows, walls, carpets and blinds, so you can easily remove all cat hair from your home quickly.


  • Works on the most amount of surfaces
  • Easy to use, since it simply acts as a sponge-like material
  • Lifts dirt, debris and pet hair


  • Not recommended for pets with very long hair

Top 10 Verdict

ChomChom Roller for Pet Hair




Pet Hair Removal


Easy of Use







  • Ease of use
  • No batteries needed
  • Reusable
  • Portable


  • Not effective for thick hair

Overall, each of these pet hair removal tools are able to offer a wide range of benefits, including the ability to easily and effectively remove your pet’s hair from a wide variety of different surfaces. Not only that, but each of these products is able to be re-used often, and they are easy to store away when you’re not using them.

But it can be difficult to choose the best one for your specific purposes, which is why you’re most recommended to purchase product #1: ChomChom Roller Dog Hair Remover. This device is able to remove your pet’s hair within an adequate amount of time. Not only that, but it’s able to remove all of their hair from a variety of different surfaces, including blankets, couches and even beds.

Furthermore, this pet hair remover tool is the most recommended for you to purchase because it doesn’t require that you use any power source or batteries in order to operate the product. Because of that, you can take this device anywhere with you on-the-go. Lastly, this device can be used an infinite amount of time, since the hair can simply be removed from the dust receptacle when it’s full.

How to Choose a Pet Hair Tool


In order to choose the best tool, you’ll want to consider how the device works, especially if its a pet hair canister vacuum or robot vacuum. In other words, you’ll want to consider how to use the device in order to remove the hair from certain surfaces around your house or even remove the excess hair from your pet.

You should figure out whether the device has a handle that you can utilize in order to have a firm grip while scraping the hair away, or maybe the tool features a strap that you can attach around your hand for easy usability.

Not only that, but maybe the device is simply a glove that you can put on in order to easily remove the hair simply with a swipe. Some tools may not even require that you swipe the hair away, since they have a sticker padding to remove the hair in that way. There are vacuum grooming attachments which we like to use.

Type of pet hair

All types of pets have different hair. Some dog breeds barely shed any hair, while other dogs are known to shed their hair practically everywhere they walk. Not only that, but cats are similar in this, since some cats can barely shed any hair, while others shed large amounts of hair around the house.

Given that, you should choose the right kind of pet hair tool that’s able to accommodate for the certain type of animal that you have. Your cat hair tool should be able to effectively remove all of your pet’s hair, regardless of the thickness of the hair.

More specifically, you’ll want to make sure that your tool can remove not only the thickness of the hair, but also the amount of hair that you have to remove. If your pet sheds a large amount of hair, then you’ll want to make sure that your tool can remove all of the hair effectively.

Location of pet hair

Does your pet shed their hair when they lay down and roll on surfaces or whenever they walk? Given that, you’ll want to consider whether the  tool can remove hair from everywhere that has hair. Not only that, but some surfaces are more difficult to remove cat hair effectively, so you’ll want to make sure that your tool can remove the hair from every surface. For the floor, you can use a pet hair broom or a cordless vacuum. We also like the vacuums by Shark.

Features to Consider


To choose the best size product, you’ll want to think about where the most amount of cat hair is that you need to remove. For instance, will you be removing hair from smaller spaces or from more open spaces that require you to clean a larger surface?

If you’re removing hair from smaller spaces, like under furniture or in between tight spaces, then you’ll want a hair removal tool that can effectively fit inside of these smaller surfaces to remove all of the hair in those locations.

But if you’re required to remove hair from a large surface, then you’ll want a larger tool that can do so within an adequate amount of time. These surfaces can be from a floor to large couches or even from your bed.

As for other surfaces like upholstery, a handheld vacuum is a great tool to have.

Suitable surfaces

You’ll also want to consider what types of surfaces each tool is able to effectively remove hair from. More specifically, some tools are only able to remove hair from leather or hard surfaces, while others can only remove the excess hair from your pet’s coat.

Because of that, you’ll want to consider whether you want one that can simply remove the hair from your furniture and around your house, or whether you want the tool merely as a preventative tool in order to prevent your pet from shedding any of their hair around your house.


Considering whether the tool has the ability to be used time after time is important because you’ll want to find a tool that you can use for your specific purposes. More specifically, if you pet sheds all of the time, then you’ll want one that you can reuse frequently.

On the other hand, if your pet only sheds a few times a month or only when they do certain activities, then you may get away with purchasing a hair removal tool that can only work one or two times before it has to be replaced.


If you’re planning on removing hair from your pet’s coat, then you’ll want to make sure that the removal tool is able to offer comfort for your pet. You don’t want a tool that’s going to remove the hair by tugging and pulling at your pet’s hair, but you’ll want the tool to effectively remove the excess hair and prevent it from spreading around your house.

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