The Best Pet Grooming Vacuum Attachments in 2024

We all want to give our pets the love and attention they deserve, and grooming pays a big role in that. Not all of us have the means to get a professional all the time though. If that sounds like you, did you know you can turn your vacuum cleaner into a grooming station?

The right attachment can care for your pet’s hair in the comfort of your home using a product you already own.

Don’t just pick the first one you see, however. The best pet grooming vacuum attachment works not only with your vacuum, but your pet’s needs as well. We’ve gathered five attachments for you to go over as well as a buyer’s guide to help you decide.

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Penn-Plax VacGroom Brush Tool Kit



Dyson Groom Dog & Cat Vacuum Attachment



FURminator Vacuum Accessory



Vacuum Cleaner Cat & Dog Vacuum Brush



Shop-Vac Grooming Attachment


1. Penn-Plax VacGroom Brush Tool Kit

Penn-Plax VacGroom Pet Grooming and Shedding Vacuum Attachment Kit – Great for Dogs and Cats and Ages, (Model: DOGV1)

This VacGroom Attachment Kit fits on any vacuum cleaner that has a circular intake channel. It features three interchangeable combs to help with a variety of your vacuuming needs. This can manage dogs, cats, and even your furniture.

When you’re done using the attachment, the blade features locking technology so that the comb folds upwards for storage and safety purposes.

With the three-comb option, you can remove the hair from different pets and the hair off your furniture all with one kit. The hair is readily sucked into the vacuum with the press of a button so that you don’t have any mess to clean once you’re finished.

This also uses a 46in. reinforced extension hose. Such a long length may help keep the vacuum itself further away from any pet that may be a bit more skittish around the loud noise. This can help your pet remain calm so you both have a better grooming experience.


  • Easy-press release button
  • Most popular vacuum grooming tool out there
  • Versatile design


  • Fur might tangle in the comb

2. Dyson Groom Dog & Cat Vacuum Attachment

Dyson Groom, Groom Tool

The Groom attachment is a mess-free grooming tool that is compatible with a number of different Dyson vacuums. It states that it is suitable to work with medium to long-haired pets.

This attachment features 364 slick bristles that stand at 35°. They’re flexible as they turn to a more upright angle when you brush to better pull and grab at the loose hair.

All it takes is a single thumb control press to adjust the bristles and switch the modes from groom, self-clean, and self-store. However, you do have to press a button each time to suck the hair into the vacuum.

This attachment features a self-clean mode that doesn’t leave behind any mess for you to handle. It does well at sucking away loose hair before your pet can shed around the home. In turn, it can remove allergens before they slip into the air and become a nuisance.


  • Helps with allergens
  • Works with a variety of vacuums
  • No clean-up mess
  • Noticeable difference in shedding


  • Only for Dyson vacuums

3. FURminator Vacuum Accessory + Deshedding Tool

FURminator FurVac Dog Hair Vacuum Accessory

This tool from FURminator can help you better manage your cat or dog’s shedding. With the vacuum accessory, you receive two attachments to fit most vacuums. The removable heads are designed to adjust to your specific tool. It’s compatible with small, medium, and long-haired pets.

Furminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool for Large Dogs - Long Hair

We recommend the vacuum accessory together with another product, a deshedding tool that is more catered to long-haired pets. The tool is meant to reach through the topcoat in order to remove the loose undercoat hair all without harming your pet.

When it comes to deshedding, it requires the simple push of a button in order to release the hair. It features an ergonomic grip that helps you maintain a firm hold, which may be especially useful for squirmy dogs.

The vacuum attachment features a comfort grip design as well. Since it goes onto your vacuum, there isn’t any mess to clean afterwards.


  • Tool is smooth to operate
  • Vacuum accessory collects hair fast
  • Releases hair with ease


  • Attachment can come loose

4. Vacuum Cleaner Cat & Dog Vacuum Brush

Vacuum Cleaner Pet Hair Brush Grooming Mites Killing Pet Hair Vacuum Tools Nozzle Attachment Tool for Dog Teddy cat

This Pet Hair Brush is designed to fit vacuum cleaners that have a 32 mm inner diameter attachment. The hose itself is an adequate length, stretching out to 93cm. It’s simple enough to hold and use as everything gets sucked right into the vacuum. This is an adjustable attachment as well so it can suit a variety of pets.

Since the brush features an adjustable height, you can brush different lengths of hair. This adjustment process is simple to use too as all you have to do is press down while you hold the brush. You can also rotate the hose 360°, which may allow you to groom your pet’s hair in multiple angles.

The brush is made from soft TPE material, and the plastic tends to be easier if it brushes against your pet’s skin. This can help make the grooming time comfortable and reduce the chance of it ever harming your pet.


  • Features soft bristles
  • Adjustable brush height


  • Might not get the undercoat well

5. Shop-Vac Grooming Attachment

Shop-Vac 9190400 1.1/4-Inch Dog Grooming Tool

This Shop-Vac is an affordable and simple grooming attachment for your vacuum. It is designed to fit on a 1-1/4 in. hose or wand end.

The attachment goes on with ease and seems to stay attached well. As you brush, everything is sucked fast through the hose and into the vacuum, leaving nothing behind.

Its simplistic design may be one of its greatest strengths. There’s no fuss when using this tool, and all you have to do is attach and brush.

The bristles themselves are made from soft vinyl material so that your pet may feel more comfortable while you use it. It’s also designed so that the hair doesn’t become tangled up in the brush, which can also make the brush easier to clean when you’re finished.


  • Sucks hair up fast
  • Hair doesn’t seem to tangle


  • Bristles could be stronger

Top 5 Verdict

Penn-Plax VacGroom Brush Tool Kit




Pet Hair Removal


Ease of Use





  • Removes pet hair very well
  • Most popular tool of its kind
  • Does everything you'll need
  • Lightweight
  • Simple release button


  • Fur might get tangled in the comb.

A grooming attachment for your vacuum can save you and your pet a lot of stress, time, and money. You can manage your pet’s hair in a comfortable home environment, and you can rid your home of pesky allergens and floating hair. We think the attachment from Penn-Plax is still the best choice.

Compatible for medium and long-haired pets, this attachment leaves no mess behind. The bristles are long and flexible to work better at pulling up hair without harming your pet.

There’s just one button to press to release the hair once it builds up in the comb. This can help you manage shedding before it happens while also leaving behind clean air throughout your home. But if you have a Dyson, the Dyson Groom attachment is worth a look as well!

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