Best Cat & Dog GPS Trackers of 2024

As pet owners, we want to keep our animal friends safe and happy. But even with all our effort, it’s still possible for pets to get lost. Instead of stressing and worrying, you can gets a GPS collar to make sure you always know where your rascal is. Here are a few tips and reviews to help you find the best pet GPS tracker, all of which you can use for dogs and cats alike.

People usually get a tracker for their dog but it’s also very interesting to see where your outdoor cat is going every day. Some trackers can map out where your pet has been while others can help monitor your pet’s health and notify you when it needs to see a vet. Even if your cat or dog doesn’t normally get out of the yard, a tracker is a good idea to have just in case.

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 Whistle Go Explore



 Marco Polo Cat & Dog GPS Tracker



 Link AKC Smart Collar wit Pet GPS Tracker



 Tractive 3G GPS Dog Tracker



 Garmin Alpha 100 Bundle



 Findster Duo+ Pet Tracker


1. Whistle Go Explore

Whistle Go Explore/The Ultimate Health + Location Tracker for Pets/Grey

Your cat or dog can head out on its own with the Whistle Go Explore. With this device, you will always know where your pet is and how it is doing. You can monitor your dog’s location as well as his health by easily attaching this device to his collar.

With the Whistle app, you can get alerts and notification sent to everyone in your household. It provides live tracking that pinpoints where your pet’s location is, and it monitors your pet’s behavior to alert you when there is a potential health issue. And, you know where your pet has gone and who they are with.

It includes a built-in light that gives you great visibility at night, plus you get a battery that can last up to 20 days. The Whistle Go Explore also lets you set fitness goals for your pet based on his breed, age, and weight and gives you weekly reports with your pet’s stats. All this information is provided through the app, email, or text, so you are always in the know when it comes to your pet.

Using Google maps and the AT&T nationwide network, you can easily locate your dog no matter where he is. You will also get a timeline that covers a 24 hour period, so you can get an in-depth glimpse of what your pet does all day. The health monitor also can tell you how frequently your dog is licking or scratching in comparison to similar dogs, so you will know right away if you need to head to your vet.

With the activity tracking feature, you can see how many miles your dog has covered, calories he has burned, and minutes that he is active throughout the day. You can also set reminders for

tick and flea treatments, daily medication, and veterinary visits. This lightweight and rugged device is waterproof, so it can handle whatever your pet puts it through.


  • You can always see where your pet is through your phone
  • It is easy to set up and has a long-lasting battery
  • You can easily set up a perimeter around your yard and it sends you alerts


  • You can’t save the map of where your pet went

2. Marco Polo Cat & Dog GPS Tracker

Eureka Technology MARCOPOLO Advanced Pet Monitoring, Tracking and Locating System (for Dogs and Cats 5 lb and Larger)

Perfect for animals that are five pounds and larger, the Marco Polo Advanced Pet Tracking System is durable and rugged allowing your pets to do everything they normally do in a day. This waterproof GPS tracker works on animals that have a seven-inch collar length or more. You don’t need either cellular or internet access for this tracker, which allows you to use it in remote locations.

If your dog wanders away, you will receive a notification and then you will be able to track him easily if he gets lost. This is a great solution to protect your pets at home or when you are traveling. Featuring the Advanced Tracking Tag, the Marco Polo Tracking and Locating system can withstand harsh terrain as well as prolonged swimming. And, with the tracker’s streamlined design, the tag is kept out of the way so it won’t get damaged or caught on branches.
You can add up to two more tracking tags that are sold separately to the system at any time allowing you to track and monitor up to three pets. Using a rechargeable, internal battery, the tracker will have the power to last up to six weeks on just one charge. There are no monthly fees with the Marco Polo Tracking System, which can save you hundreds of dollars over your dog’s life.

Acting like a radar system, the Marco Polo Tracking System scans each inch of your pet’s surrounding area including backyards and home interiors. With a two-mile range in open condition, the tracker will take you directly to your dog’s precise location, which is a great feature in case they are hiding or injured.

You can also choose one of four safety zones for your dog and the tracking system will warn you in under 80 seconds if your pet wanders out of the zone. This tracker is self-contained and works anywhere without a cell network or GPS, making it the perfect unit to take when you travel with your pets. Easy to set up and use, you only need to press a single button to start a search for a lost pet giving you real-time direction and distance feedback.


  • This is a very solidly built device with a well-designed attachment to the collar
  • Pairing the devices is simple as is positioning the collar
  • It gives you basic information on where your animal is located


  • It has a hard time finding the animal around cars and trees once everything is up and running

3. Link AKC Smart Collar wit Pet GPS Tracker

Link AKC Smart Dog Collar - GPS Location Tracker, Activity Monitor, and More, Leather Small (KITTN01)

Using a GPA Tracker, the LINK AKC Smart Collar can track your dog while also providing a fashionable and comfortable accessory. You can keep track of your dog with cellular, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or GPS tracking as well as monitor activity logs, vet records, and get ambient temperature alerts Easily pairing with the LINK AKC app, you can use this smart collar to stay active and informed in your dog’s daily activities.

This adjustable smart collar comes with a state of the art tracking unit, a sleek base station, charging cord, and collar carrier. The base station allows you to charge the tracking unit and also comes with a USB port where you can conveniently charge your cell phone. Keep in mind that with the LINK AKC service plan, you have to activate the tracking unit to get the full feature functionality of the LINK AKC app that is downloadable on Android and iOS.

This lightweight and waterproof smart collar will work for up to 30 minutes in three feet of water. The LINK AKC Smart Collar is also contoured to curve naturally around your pet’s neck making it super comfortable for them to wear. Using the AT&T cellular network, you get accurate and fast GPS tracking and alerts when your dog leaves a designated safe zone.

This smart collar also provides remote sound training and activity monitoring allowing you to customize activity goals to your dog’s size, age, and breed giving you accurate daily activity monitoring. You can also receive safety alerts including notification when the temperature in your dog’s environment is too cold or hot and the included LED light comes with a remote turn-on feature so he can be seen in the dark. You also can store your pet’s vet records in the app for easy access to important records


  • It is very accurate and a better tracker than other products on the market
  • It comes with a durable and well-made collar
  • The tracker is easy to attach and detach onto a collar


  • It isn’t the best at activity tracking during the day

4. Tractive 3G GPS Dog Tracker

Tractive 3G GPS Dog Tracker - Dog Tracking Device with Unlimited Range

Easily track your pet’s location on your smartphone with the Tractive GPS Dog Tracker. With this real-time GPS Pet Tracker, you can see your pet’s position as it is displayed on a digital map. Used along with a subscription, this waterproof tracker supports 3G is perfect for pets over nine pounds and can be safely attached to any collar.

Using LIVE Tracking, you can see your pet’s position in real-time with updates every two to three seconds and even share it with your friends and family. The Tractive Virtual Fences will also alert you when your pet has left a predetermined area of your yard, and it can show you the history or where your pet has been before. This robust and waterproof GPS tracker includes clips that work on different collars or harness.

Easily use the Tractive GPS Dog Tracker in over 150 countries using the free Tractive GPS app to access your pet’s current location. This shock-resistant and waterproof device has no range limitations like other GPS finders on the market. Plus, the battery on the Tractive Dog Tracker can recharge in just two hours to give you battery life for two to five days.


  • There is a great app that let you know when your dog has left the defined area and where the dog went
  • It fits well onto existing dog collars
  • This is an affordable live tracking device right down to the inch of where your dog is


  • It is not very user-friendly or intuitive
  • It can come off easily

5. Garmin Alpha 100 Bundle

Garmin Alpha 100 Bundle, Includes Handheld and TT 15 Dog Device, Multi-dog Tracking GPS and Remote Training Device in One

Allowing you to train and track dogs in the field, this Alpha GPS bundle combines TriTronics training technology with Garmin GPS/GLONASS tracking. You can easily train your dog to stop chasing things from nine miles away, plus notification informing you of your dog’s speed and direction. Included in this training bundle are a field, bag, collar strap, TT15 dog device, extended range antennas, and a handheld.

Using a three-inch glove-friendly touchscreen, the handheld comes with 18 levels of momentary and continuous stimulation as well as preloaded TOPO U.S. 100K mapping. Plus, you get a rechargeable battery and a one-year BirdsEye Satellite Imagery subscription along. You can train up to 20 dogs using handhelds and collars that are sold separately.

The Alpha GPS features stimulation levels including vibration and tone as well as LED beacon lights for added safety. You can use the system to set up virtual boundaries around your yard or property that will send you an automatic signal to recall. Plus, the included battery has a 20 to 40-hour lifespan. This unit is compatible with Garmin T 5 dog tracking device for track-only situations.


  • It has a great user interface and button layout once you get used to them
  • You can actually use it to define an area and then be notified if the dog goes outside the defined area
  • This is a great product when training your dog or for hunting with your


  • The antennae got scratched easily from your dog running around
  • The instruction manuals are quite amateurish

6. Findster Duo+ Pet Tracker

Findster Duo+ Pet Tracker Free of Monthly Fees - GPS Tracking Collar for Dogs and Cats & Pet Activity Monitor

If you hate monthly fees, check out the Findster Duo+Pet Tracker. This is a real-time pet tracker that also features a fitness and activity tracker as well. Giving you real-time GPA tracking the Findster Duo is perfect for added safety during walks and as a pet activity monitor for your cat or dog.

This waterproof smart GPS finder works for both dogs and cats, works anywhere including off-grid, and doesn’t need cell coverage. You can also use it to track more than one pet without worrying about more fees and another subscription. This shockproof device is best used on pets over eight pounds and allows you to track a pet up to three miles away.

Using MAZE technology, there is a module for both you and your pet. It allows you to monitor the location of your pet and create safe areas on a map that you will receive a notification for if they leave that area. Best when used for walks, it is also a great option if your pet likes to explore so you can always know where he is, plus the Findster Duo is waterproof up to three feet

These small modules work in any country and off-grid. The battery lasts up to 12 hours and you can switch the GPS location feature on and off depending on the tracking feature.


  • It doesn’t require a monthly fee for cell service
  • This is a great purchase for anyone that lets their dog go off-leash in big spaces
  • This is a well-made product that works well in any type of weather


  • It needs to be able to make a noise on the pet

Final Verdict & Review

Whistle Go Explore




Ease of Use






Battery Life



  • Phone App
  • Market Leader
  • Easy Setup
  • Long battery life


  • The tracking map can't be saved

The winner of this roundup is the Whistle Go Explore. Used along with the Whistle app, you can get alerts and notification sent to everyone in your household along with live tracking that pinpoints where your pet’s location is. It can also tell you where your pet has gone and who they are with using Google maps and the AT&T nationwide network, you can easily locate your dog no matter what.

The health monitor tells you how frequently your dog is licking or scratching in comparison to similar dogs, so you know right away if you need to head to your vet. And, you can also set reminders for tick and flea treatments, daily medication, and veterinary visits. You can also set fitness goals for your pet based on his breed, age, and weight and give you weekly reports with your pet’s stats. The definite winner of the Best Dog GPS Tracker roundup is the Whistle Go Explore hands down.

Buying Guide

First, a few safety tips! Don’t rely only on GPS. If ever runs out of battery or has a technical issue, your cat may get lost. Make sure to use a customizable ID tag on your pet that shows your address and phone number. This way, a lost pet can be brought back home.

Also, if a cat gets lost outside, it may come back on its own eventually, which could be late at night when no one is there to let her in. For this purpose, it is good to have an outdoor cat house standing ready for her to get shelter. For colder days, there are also heated beds or mats that you could leave running throughout the night outside while you wait for your cat to return. After a pet gets lost, it might need to a dewormer or has fleas, so a checkup at the vet is obligatory.


It is a given that a GPS tracker for your cat or dog needs to be waterproof. You never know when your pet and the device are going to get wet, especially if you don’t know where he is. He could be splashing in puddles and taking a quick dip in the neighborhood retention pond. Plus, there is just regular rain and plenty of puppy slobber to go around. Waterproof is an essential feature that you want in your GPS dog tracker.

Handheld Device

Using a map that you can hold in your hand that tells you precisely where your dog is can be very helpful as you scour your neighborhood for your pet. Typically, these devices have a several mile range, which can be helpful when you are out hunting with your dog or even just out for a run in a wooded area.

Battery Life

A vital part of your GPS pet tracker, the battery life of the device needs to be at a minimum of 24 hours. You don’t want it dying while your pet is lost or out for a run in the woods without you. Ideally, you want a battery that has as long a lifespan as you can find.


To actually track your pet, the device needs a scanning feature. If there is something to scan on your dog with his name and vital information, the chances of a stranger being able to return your dog to you are huge. This can also help if your dog has any allergies and special needs that help him during the time he is with someone else.
Subscription Service

Not everyone wants to take on another monthly bill. Think of it this way, when you are afraid and panicked that your dog is lost, you will appreciate the customer service that comes with a subscription service. If it gets your pet to you faster, the extra money to end your worrying is worth it in our view.

Real-time Mapping

A real-time mapping feature gives you the location of your dog on a map that provides immediate updates and no delays. It isn’t uncommon for a GPS to lose a connection with a satellite for a few moments, which can cause the accuracy of your dog’s location to fail at that moment. Since dogs can move pretty fast, having real-time mapping can be a pretty important feature.

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