The Best Cat Chew Toys of 2024

Chew toys are essential for the entertainment and overall health of your cat. Most chew toys are designed to help stimulate your cat’s senses and keep them busy for hours.

If your cat is under-stimulated, it can lead to boredom and bad behavior. The right chew toy helps your cat keep itself entertained when you’re not there and can also be a fun toy for you to play with together.

What makes a good chew toy? Should it be filled with catnip or not? Is plastic or fabric a better choice? Should the toy be large or small? There are so many choices, and ultimately it is up to you and your cat to choose the chew toy that works best for you.

Top 10: Cat & Kitten Chewing Toy Reviews




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Hetoo Cat Toothbrush & Catnip Chew Treat Toy



Pelay Ball Toys for Pet Tooth Cleaning & Chewing



Giant Catnip Cat Kicker Stick Chew Toy



Munchiecat Sushi Toys for Cats and Kittens



Pet Craft Supply Enticing Chew Toy for Cats



SmartyKat Catnip Cat Toys



Catnip Kicker Toys (2-Pack)



Petstages Catnip Chew Mice



Chiwava Furry Cat Toy Mice for Kitten Interactive Play



Petstages Fresh Breath Mint Stick


1. Hetoo Cat Toothbrush & Catnip Chew Treat Toy

HETOO Cat Catnip Toys,Interactive Cat Toothbrush Chew Toy for Kitten Kitty Cats Teeth Cleaning Dental Care, Crayfish Shape Pet Toy Cat

This crayfish-shaped cutie is made of natural rubber so your cat can chew to her heart’s content. The non-toxic natural rubber is designed to help clean your cat’s teeth while she chomps away. The rubber also increases the durability of the toy, which any cat owner knows is important.

The shape is great for chewing and kicking. It’s almost seven inches long, pretty perfect for most cats to really sink their back claws into. It’s nearly three inches tall at the widest point. That might be a little large for some kitties, but the tapered tail is a suitable spot for kittens and cats with smaller mouths.

The textured surface aids dental cleaning. The head has an opening where you can insert the provided catnip satchels or bell to entice your kitty to use the toy effectively. It’s covered in small holes to allow the smell of the catnip to really get your cat going. You can also put treats into it for a snack-time experience.

Some customers report that the toy has a strong chemical odor that offends their cat’s sensibilities. It might be smart to let the toy air out for a few days before offering it to your cat.


  • Elongated shape allows for biting and kicking
  • Durable natural rubber
  • Refillable opening for catnip or other interactive tools


  • May be too large for some cats to use effectively

2. Pelay Ball Toys for Pet Tooth Cleaning & Chewing

Pelay Dog Ball Toys for Pet Tooth Cleaning/Chewing/Playing,IQ Treat Ball Food Dispensing Toys of 2 Non-Toxic Soft Rubber Ball.

These ball-shaped toys are great for cats who also like to chase their prey. They have a bunch of little tooth-like spikes so your cat can really sink their teeth in and get a proper brushing while they’re at it.

The center holes in the ball make a great place to stuff treats for additional chewing and chasing rewards. You could also potentially put catnip in there, but it may end up all over the house. Just a warning.

The Amazon product description states that the toys are made from natural rubber, but later on that they are made of a non-toxic “soft security plastic.” I’m unsure which is correct, but either way, they appear to be a durable chew toy. As with many rubber or plastic products, some report that the strong chemical smell turns their pet off and doesn’t go away with repeated washing.


  • Ball shape encourages chasing and chewing
  • Durable construction
  • Treat pocket center


  • May be too large for some cats

3. Giant Catnip Cat Kicker Stick Chew Toy

Flannel 15" Catnip Cat Kicker Toys/Kitty Kick Sticks/Cat Kick Stix/Filled with 1.25 Ounces of Premium Canadian Catnip (RED Flannel)

This kicker stick is basically a flannel sack filled with catnip and stuffing. Chew toys like this are great for cats who like to bite and kick their “prey” aggressively.

It’s made of heavy cotton flannel with double-sewn seams for increased durability and filled with 1.25 ounces of Canadian-grown catnip. The Amazon product description states that they are usually loaded the same day they ship.

They’re about 15″ x 2.5″, making them an excellent choice for larger or longer cats. The soft, flexible exterior makes it easy for smaller cats to enjoy, too.

Unfortunately, this particular toy is not refillable, which potentially limits the time your pet will actually use it. However, West Coast Pet Products also sells a model with a refillable side pocket.


  • Durable, double-stitched flannel
  • Filled with fresh catnip just before shipping
  • Large yet flexible for many cat sizes


  • Non-refillable model may limit toy’s lifespan
  • Potentially hazardous if ripped open

4. Munchiecat Sushi Chew Toys for Cats and Kittens

munchiecat Sushi Toys for Cats, Kittens Catnip Toy Crinkle Paper Bells Rattle 8pc Set Cat Lover Gift Idea for Women, Men in Bento Style Box Packaging Maki Nigiri

Everybody loves sushi! Shaped like the classic maki and nigiri sushi rolls you’d see at your favorite restaurant, these plush toys are perfect for your cat to bat around and carry.

They are made of non-toxic, pet-safe soft fabrics and polyester fiberfill, free from strings and feathers that may pose a choking hazard. These high-quality sushi toys are filled with organic catnip, crinkle paper, and a bell for extra fun.

You can choose whichever set suits your cat best—small maki rolls, the larger nigiri, or double the playtime experience with the full set of both. All sets come in decorative boxes for between-play storage, or you can give them to your favorite cat lady/guy as a great gift.

Many cats quickly lose interest with toys that have catnip sewn inside. It may be wise to invest in a liquid catnip spray to revive and extend the lifespan of your cat’s plush toys.


  • Adorable sushi shapes
  • Simple design reduces potential choking hazard
  • Great for a gift set


  • Catnip potency fades over time
  • Soft construction is easily destroyed

5. Pet Craft Supply Enticing Chewing Toy for Cats

Pet Craft Supply Funny Enticing Pouncing Cuddling Chasing Catnip Interactive Boredom Relief Plush Cat Toys

Another soft, crinkly option, these small plush toys come in a variety of shapes and sizes for any cat. Choose between adorable sets like a BLT sandwich, a burger with fries, or “pawpsicles.” The fun designs will amuse you as much as they do your cat!

These crinkly toys are filled with premium organic catnip and are made with non-toxic, cat-friendly materials. The crinkle paper inside helps stimulate your cat mentally and physically. Some Amazon reviewers feel that there isn’t enough crinkle to satisfy their cat. If you want a more subtle crinkle, these may be just right for you.

They are relatively small, great for carrying and hiding. Different sets feature different interactivities like feathers or floppy pieces of material to keep your cat interested.


  • Variety of cute styles
  • Organic catnip and crinkle paper fill


  • Quieter crinkle may not entice some cats

6. MeoHui 30-Piece Catnip Toys

MeoHui 30PCS Catnip Toys for Cats, 5.5 Inches Faux Furry Catnip Mouse Toy with Rattle Noise, Rattling Fluffy Cat Toys Mice for Cat Kitten Exercise Interactive Play Fetch, 6 Colors Mixed Value Pack

This mega-pack is an excellent choice for folks with multiple cats or cats who lose toys quickly. The pack comes with 30 mice in six different colors, each measuring 5.5 inches long, including the tail. The body is a perfect size for your little hunter.

The mice are made of plastic with synthetic fabric and felt exterior. Catnip is infused under the fabric skin, and a rattle inside made of cardboard and sand will entice your cat to play for hours, stimulating their senses to the max.

Because the bodies are made of plastic, they may be punctured over time with aggressive biting. The fabric may rip off after your cats have had their way with them. Always make sure toys are in good condition to avoid the risk of ingestion.

Some customers report that their cat wasn’t that interested in these mice. Upon further inspection, these users found there wasn’t very much catnip inside.


  • 30-piece set provides a lot of value
  • Great for multi-cat homes
  • Rattle and catnip stimulate the senses


  • May deteriorate after heavy use
  • Small quantity of catnip may not entice your cat

7. Catnip Kicker Toys (2-Pack)

11" Catnip Kicker Toys - Set of 2 Cat Kickers

I’ve never met a cat who doesn’t love a good catnip kicker toy. These catnip-filled tubes are made with soft cotton fabric stuffed with 100% US-grown organic catnip. They are packed to order, ensuring your cat gets the freshest toy available. They come in a two-pack with randomly chosen fabric patterns.

These toys are so full of catnip that they still smell after years of play. That level of catnip really encourages your cat to get frisky, and the 11-inch length gives cats of all sizes room to bite and bunny-kick to their hearts’ content.

Cotton fabric and double stitching make for a durable toy for most cats. However, if your cat is particularly strong or aggressive in their play, you may find that the toy gets tooth and claw punctures.


  • Durable double-stitched cotton fabric
  • Stuffed with 100% US-grown organic catnip
  • 11″ length allows for full-on kicking


  • More aggressive cats may puncture the fabric

8. Petstages Catnip Chew Mice

Catnip Mice Catnip Toys by Petstages

These catnip cuties come in a two-pack and are made of soft material covered in netting. The netting is designed to help floss your cat’s teeth to remove tartar and stimulate their gums while they play. It is nice to see a fabric dental toy, a softer alternative to the plastic-only models we’ve seen so far.

Like with many pre-filled catnip toys, some users report that their cat isn’t very interested because they aren’t potent enough.

One repeat buyer stated that the toys are smaller as of July 2019. What was once a favorite toy for his cat became a choking hazard. Be aware of this if you have larger cats or cats who try to swallow their toys.


  • Fabric netting for dental care
  • Soft and lightweight make for easy carrying


  • Smaller size may be a choking hazard

9. Chiwava Furry Toy Mice for Kittens

Chiwava 60PCS 4.1'' Furry Cat Toy Mice Rattle Small Mouse Kitten Interactive Play Assorted Color

These furry little buggers are perfect for kittens and adult cats alike. They’re 4.1 inches long, including the tail, and come in a variety of colors.

Choose between a 36- or 60-pack, excellent for multiple cat households or as a donation to your local pet shelter. Plastic and synthetic-fur mice like these are easily destroyed, so it’s nice to have a lot on hand.

As with many small toys, make sure they are a good size for your particular pet before handing them over.


  • 60-piece multipack great for multiple cats or shelter donation
  • Great value for large quantity of toys


  • Smaller toy could be a choking hazard

10. Petstages Fresh Breath Mint Stick

Petstages Fresh Breath Mint Stick

Another fabric dental toy from Petstages with a durable netting for scraping tartar. The difference here is this one has freshly dried mint leaves inside, rather than catnip. Mint freshens your cat’s breath, and as a cousin of catnip, many cats are interested, even if mint doesn’t pack as strong of a punch.

There is a lot of mint, too. Unlike some filled toys, these don’t have fabric or polyester fill on the inside—it’s totally full of mint. You can just smash the center “stem” to crush and release more minty freshness. One buyer even said they put the mint stick into the dryer for a minute to revitalize the scent.

The mint stick is about 4.5 inches long, which might make it a good kicker toy for kittens.


  • Real mint leaves entice while freshening breath
  • Netting helps remove soft tartar from teeth


  • Some cats may not be interested in mint

Final Verdict & Reviews

Hetoo Cat Toothbrush & Catnip Toy






Test-Cat Approval





  • Cats love it
  • Promotes dental health
  • Durable rubber
  • Refillable
  • Perfect shape for biting and kicking


  • May be too large for some smaller cats

All the toys we’ve looked at here are so different in style, it’s hard to choose just one. The sushi toys were adorable and fun. The 60-piece pack of mice is simple and plentiful. Catnip kicker toys are a fan favorite with many cats and usually last a long time. They all have great qualities, and, frankly, they all seem like good choices to add variety to a cat’s toy chest.

Our overall pick is the Hetoo Cat Toothbrush & Catnip Chew Treat Toy. Its unique crayfish shape is just too cute. The solid rubber construction works to help clean your cat’s teeth while she plays and is durable enough to be bitten and scratched. The large opening in the head can be filled with basically whatever you want, making this a very versatile toy for the many desires of a fickle feline.

Why do cats need chew toys?

Cats are natural hunters. As such, they instinctually chase, bite, kick, and tear at their prey. Your purring princess may never leave the house, but this instinctive behavior isn’t necessarily overridden by the fact that she is now technically domesticated.

Any cat owner knows their cat may chew inappropriately. Household items like cords are very intriguing for a cat, but obviously can be very, very dangerous. Your cat could get a burn or an electric shock when their saliva contacts the live wires.

Other cats will find small objects on the floor and ingest them, thinking it’s a snack. Ingesting small fibers or pieces of plastic can lead to dangerous blockages or other internal complications.

There’s no point in trying to get your cat not to chew. It’s a natural behavior, and as such should be directed into an appropriate channel. Chew toys help guide cats to chew on something more appropriate than cords or random things they may find on the floor.

Chew toys also provide hours of stimulation and fun. Bored cats often get into trouble, finding the wrong things to chew and the wrong places to use the bathroom. Having chew toys available can save you and your cat a lot of irritation.

By the way, Backyard playpens are a great place for cats to play in summer, and cat play tunnels as well.

What makes a good toy?

There is such a wide variety of toys designed specifically for cats to chew on, it’s hard to make a case for just one kind of good chew toy. There are, however, some key components to consider.

  • Catnip. A good chew toy is probably going to have catnip involved somehow. The catnip plant is part of the mint family and has long been used and loved by cats and their owners alike. Catnip acts as a stimulant and makes your kitty playful and feisty. Adding catnip can make even a dull toy into a feline favorite in a jiffy.
  • Durability. Cats have strong teeth and jaws, and their bites pack a punch. With a mouth designed for hunting, it’s no wonder chew toys get destroyed quickly. Choosing a durable toy is a must if your cat is particularly aggressive in their play.
  • Extra features. A lot of cat chew toys have fun additions like rattles, bells, or teasing feathers. Depending on what your cat likes, you can customize their chew toy experience for even more fun.

What is a dental chew toy?

Dental chew toys are designed to help clean your cat’s teeth. Some are made from a hard material with ridges or bumps to help stimulate gums. Others include a mesh fabric somewhere on the toy for the same purpose.

When your cat chews on a dental chew toy, the ridges or mesh act like the bristles on a toothbrush, scraping teeth and stimulating gums. Some dental chew toys even work to freshen your cat’s breath with mint.

Keep in mind that not all dental toys are created equal. Some of the harder plastic ones may turn out to be too much for some cats. Picky cats may not go for certain items, so be ready to try a lot of options. A dental chew toy only works if your cat uses it.

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