The Best Cat Muzzles & Grooming Bags in 2024

Grooming your cat is rarely easy. Some owners out there may have cats that are tolerant and comfortable being brushed, poked, and prodded. Most cat owners, however, are not so lucky. That doesn’t change the fact that their cat needs to hold still occasionally.

That’s where a good muzzle and grooming bag comes in. But what makes a good bag? Should it be durable and comfortable? And what makes a good muzzle? Would your cat be calmer if they can see what’s going on? Or would they be better off with less stimulation?

We’ll explore these questions and more as we check out the top five grooming restraints and muzzles on the market this year.

Our Top 5 List




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Downtown Pet Supply Cat Restraint Bags with Muzzle



Top Performance Cat Grooming Bag



Zoopolr Cat Muzzles



Jorvet Premium Cat Muzzle



Xbes Nylon Cat Grooming Muzzle


1. Downtown Pet Supply Cat Restraint Bags with Muzzle

Downtown Pet Supply Cat Grooming Bag - Large, cat Restraint Bag and Cat Muzzle

This is a combination of two products, a muzzle and a fitting grooming restraint bag.

The bag features multiple zippered openings so you can easily access your cat for brushing and nail trimming. It’s also perfect for those trips to the vet for examinations and vaccinations.

The bag itself is made of heavy-duty polyester that resists rips and tears from errant claws. It has five individual access points, two in the front and three in the back. Rubber mesh along the sides allows water to escape during the dreaded bath, and two carrying handles for easy and safe maneuvering.

The muzzle add-on is perfect for cats who tend to bite while stressed. The full-face coverage design helps block out additional visual stressors that can negatively stimulate your cat further. Both pieces come in small, medium, and large to accommodate most cats.


  • Five individual openings
  • Rubber mesh for bathing
  • Fully enclosed muzzle blocks visual stimuli

2. Top Performance Cat Grooming Bag

Top Performance Cat Grooming Bag - Durable and Versatile Bags Designed to Keep Cats Safely Contained During Grooming and/or Bathing - Medium, Black

This grooming bag is constructed of 100% polyester with zippered openings and mesh sides for bathing. A Velcro collar area adjusts to your cat’s individual neck size without pinching or adding additional stress.

Like most grooming bags, it comes in small, medium, and large to suit many cat sizes. It’s excellent for stressful vet visits and administering medication and fluids at home. Some Amazon users report their cat finds it comforting to quietly rest in, as it provides a feeling of comfort and safety.

Top Performance offers a lifetime guarantee for its product. That’s really nice, considering that cats have razor-sharp claws. Even the most durable polyester might not stand a chance against a stressed-out kitty.


  • 100% durable, high-quality polyester
  • Adjustable Velcro collar
  • Lifetime guarantee

3. Zoopolr Cat Muzzles

Cat Muzzles - Breathable Mesh Muzzles Prevent Cats from Biting and Chewing - Anti Bite Anti Meow (BLUE-L)

This muzzle is made of durable nylon mesh, allowing your cat to see while helping to contain bites and intense stressed-out meowing. It is secured around your cat’s head with a fully adjustable strap and easy-to-close Velcro fasteners.

The mesh is nice for relatively calm cats. Unfortunately, cats who are going to try to bite you no matter what probably won’t have much trouble getting their teeth through the mesh. A fully enclosed muzzle might be a better option for those who are intent on biting.

There are two color options available—blue and pink. Both come in small or large. Small should be fine for kittens and small cats, but the large is only rated for up to 13 pounds, so it may not be big enough for your extra-large friends.


  • Durable nylon mesh
  • Open-mesh style allows your cat to see
  • Great for small and medium cats

4. Jorvet Premium Cat Muzzle

Jorvet Premium Cat Muzzle, Standard

This muzzle is a little different than the ones we’ve seen so far. It has a sturdier construction with hard sides that doesn’t allow for much movement at all. This style of muzzle works best for the most difficult or frightened cats.

The front opening has a large hole for breathing but is sturdy enough that your cat can’t do much else. There is less contact with the cat’s head around the ear area and the back of the head. This may help your cat feel less stressed about the whole experience. They may actually feel less trapped because more of their head is free. The eye area is entirely blocked, keeping your kitty even calmer.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of information on the individual product page on Amazon. Some satisfied users report that they purchased the muzzle comes in various sizes. Unfortunately, I cannot find anything but the “standard” size to buy.


  • Hard-sided solid construction
  • Large breathing hole
  • Less physical contact with more protection

5. Xbes Nylon Cat Grooming Muzzle

Nylon Cat Muzzles,Cat Face Mask ,Groomer helpers,Cat Grooming tools,Preventing scratches and Anti-biting,Black (L)

This fully enclosed nylon mask is simple and affordable for any budget. It fastens with Velcro straps around the back of the head. Three different sizes are available. The handy measurement chart helps you find the right fit.

However, some users state that the muzzle runs large, so after you measure your cat, you may need to choose one size smaller. This may also be a problem if you have a kitten or a particularly small cat, but great if your cat is hefty.

Some find the flexible nature of this muzzle allows their cat to slip a paw in and pull the mask off. This muzzle may be best suited for use with additional grooming restraints like some of the specially designed grooming bags we looked at earlier.


  • Fully enclosed to reduce visual stimuli
  • Multiple sizes with measuring chart
  • Good for larger cats

Top 5 Verdict

Downtown Pet Supply Cat Muzzle




Test-Cat Approval


Ease of Use





  • Five openings
  • Rubber mesh for bathing
  • Fully enclosed muzzle
  • Perfect if bought together with the grooming bag


  • We didn't encounter any cons.

For those of us who have fussy cats, a grooming bag can be the difference between a horrible experience and a reasonably tolerable one. Muzzles are a big help with cats who are prone to bite, especially when you’re trying to administer medication or perform a delicate procedure.

Top pick goes to the Downtown Pet Supply Grooming Restraint Bag and Muzzle set. You can rarely go wrong with a two-in-one, for starters. Having both the grooming bag and muzzle on hand can be a lifesaver if something goes wrong and your cat gets out of control. This can be an issue even for cats that are generally comfortable being handled.

Multiple size availability makes it easy to get an appropriately snug fit. The carrying handles are a must-have if you’re going to give your cat a water bath, and the fact that it easily drains water is pretty dang cool.

Buying Guide

When you first see a restraint bag or a muzzle, you might be inclined to think it’s not very kind to use them. But if you’ve ever tried to groom a cat, you know the alternative can turn into a nightmare for everyone.

Enter the grooming bag and muzzle. Tools like these can help in many situations. One of the more common ways to use a grooming bag is for precisely that—grooming. Brushing or trimming a cat with matted fur isn’t pleasant for any of the parties involved. Being able to trim a cat’s nails might save them from being declawed, which is much crueler than being stuck in a tight bag for a short time.

If you or your vet needs to administer medication, often using delicate needles in delicate places, a restraint bag and muzzle is an excellent tool. It can mean the difference between an unpleasant experience and a traumatic one. A sick or injured cat is likely to fight a situation that she doesn’t understand. Life throws unexpected curve balls at cats, too. We don’t need added bites and scratches in the mix.

Planning your purchase

Deciding what you need beforehand is key for a grooming bag and muzzle. You’ll need to measure your cat. If your bag is too small, it will be impossible to get your hands and grooming equipment into the places they need to go. If the bag is too large, your cat will be able to move freely, making the bag completely pointless.

The same factors apply to muzzles. If your cat can slip a paw in and pull the muzzle off, you’ll be bitten before you know what happened. If the mask is too tight, it could restrict breathing and become dangerous for your cat.

Measuring your cat for the right fit

A lot of muzzles and bags assign sizes by weight, but we all know that no two cats are the same. You may have a cat that weighs 30 pounds but has a tiny head. Use your best judgment to assess the size your cat will need accurately. If the muzzle you are looking into has dimensional measurements available, use those to more accurately decide which muzzle will fit most securely while allowing for breathing room.

Grooming bags can be a little more flexible, but as mentioned before, choose the right size of bag for what you need. If you are only using it for restraining—more on this later—you may be able to choose a slightly smaller, snugger bag.

If you are going to be grooming your cat’s body while it’s in the bag, choosing a bag with plenty of zippers can help, but you may still need to get your hands or the brush inside. But remember, it still needs to be as snug as possible, or your cat will be able to slip in a paw. This may lead to scratching, but it can also cause issues if the cat struggles frantically while their leg is in an odd position.

Additional uses for grooming bags

Grooming bags can be used for much more than routine grooming. Most cats groom themselves well enough, but older cats may stop grooming, which could lead to infections and skin problems.

Curious cats can also get into things they shouldn’t, such as household chemicals. Polyester bags with rubber mesh and handles can be handy for the occasional water bath. Even the calmest cat tends to dislike being submerged in water.

Administering medicines and subcutaneous fluids can be uncomfortable and even downright dangerous if your cat goes nuts at the wrong moment. Using a grooming bag can protect you and the veterinary staff if your cat is afraid of the treatments.

Restraint bags can also be used for calming your cat if they are overly stressed. It may sound surprising that putting your cat into a sack may be helpful, but many cats are actually calmed by enclosed, dark spaces.

Feral cats and those who may be prone to extreme behaviors when frightened may benefit from short periods in a restraint bag. Wrapping or restraining a cat snugly but comfortably can give them a sense of security and safety.

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