The Best Cat Backpack Carriers in 2024

best cat carrier backpacks It is common for pet owners to take their dogs with them almost wherever they go, but what about cats?

Cats do not generally come when called and they react far less favorably than dogs when put on a leash or harness. Some may be able to handle it, but in general, it is a good idea for you to find alternative solutions. This is where cat backpacks come in!

We love bringing our cats with us, and this page, we have assembled the best backpacks for the job. Let’s get into it!

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 Petsfit Soft Pet Backpack


 PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier


 Fat Cat Backpack


 Blitzwolf Pet Portable Carrier Space Capsule


 Texsens Bubble Backpack


 Petsfit Carrier Backpack


 PetAmi Backpack for Small Cats & Dogs

1. Petsfit Soft Pet Backpack for Hiking

Petsfit Sturdy Cat Carrier Backpack for Pets up to 16LB

This pet carrier backpack features mesh front and side panels, a pocket for easy treat or bag storage, and an internal strap that easily hooks to a leash for extra security when transporting your furry friend.

The front mesh panel, the largest of the three, rolls up and fastens in place so your pet can peek out while on the move or have their own private tent when the hike has paused.

In addition to the panels and internal strap, this carrier has thickly padded straps and a sturdy chest buckle for easy and safe securing. The top has two zippers so that each piece of the panel can be opened individually; the mesh panel can be opened for more restricted access, and the entire tip can be unzipped to allow the pet easy access in and out of the carrier.

A plastic mat on the bottom, useful for stabilizing and shaping the carrier, is easy to remove for washing the carrier or even for storing it in a narrow area, such as under a car seat or in the bottom of a suitcase.

Pets are sure to eventually feel at ease in the smooth, padded interior. For dogs and cats with potty problems, the carrier is easy to wash on a gentle cycle and hang dry while the plastic panel from the bottom is sanitized as well.


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Chest strap helps reduce strain on the wearer’s lower back
  • Bulky and big enough for small dogs and large cats
  • Easy storage and cleaning


  • Not much storage

2. PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier

PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack for Small Cats and Dogs, Puppies | Ventilated Design, Two-Sided Entry, Safety Features and Cushion Back Support | for Travel, Hiking, Outdoor Use (Heather Gray)

A spacious shell and plenty of outer pocket storage make this carrier a perfect choice if you would rather transport all of your valuables in one receptacle. The side pocket is made of a stretchy mesh material, making it ideal for items you need to access quickly such as cleanup bags or water bottles.

The front mesh unzips for ease of access, but one of the side panels unzips in its entirety, much like a cabinet door. Excellent ventilation and a nametag slot create a spacious sense of comfort for your dog, cat, or other small-to-medium-sized pet you may have.

A thick, sherpa-lined bedding pad makes this carrier one of great comfort for even the pickiest of furry friends. The entire pack is well ventilated and easy to see out of. Any cat, dog, rabbit, lizard, or any other pet can ride in comfort during travel, hiking, and more!

Something to consider when buying this or any pet-carrying backpack is that pets often do not care if they aren’t near a spot to go to the bathroom. Easy-to-clean material, such as this polyester option, is something to look out for when shopping for a backpack.


  • Wide range of colors
  • Comes with a collapsible water bowl
  • Thickly padded straps, a waist buckle, and a chest buckle add stability


  • Some units have faulty zippers

3. Fat Cat Backpack

Fat Cat Cat Backpack Carrier - Cat Backpack For Cats of

Sometimes, a hefty critter needs a hefty carrier. For cats and dogs above normal weight numbers, it would be smart to buy a carrier well-equipped to handle all the extra bits of love and adoration. This carrier from “The Fat Cat” can handle up to 19.8 pounds of cat or 17.6 pounds of dog, making it an excellent option for pet parents who want something a little more durable than typical options.

This carrier features dual side pockets and a movable plastic bubble on the front with air holes for comfortable travel. A breathable mesh top also enhances the quality of airflow, which is an important feature due to how nervous and short of breath some pets can become when first contained.

The soft interior and cushioned bottom is sure to increase the likelihood of comfort and relaxation. If your pet enjoys poking their head out to see what’s happening in the world, the front can be opened and the top can be rolled back, allowing them to perch as long as they like.


  • Soft, comfortable bottom
  • Cozy enough to comfort crate-nervous pets
  • Large enough for many pets to lie down in


  • The plastic ring that holds the bubble can become warped.

4. BlitzwolfPet Space Capsule Backpack

Blitzwolf Anzone Pet Portable Carrier Space Capsule Backpack, Pet Bubble Traveler Knapsack Multiple Air Vents Waterproof Lightweight Handbag for Cats Small Dogs & Petite Animals-Pink,30L

For some types of travel, a sleeker sort of pet carrier is much more desirable. Air travel, for example, is cramped and anything that makes luggage more compact without sacrificing too much comfort is a favorable option.

A sleek polycarbonate shell and durable oxford cloth inner construction combine to create a durable, versatile carrier that is still plush enough for pets to be comfortable and feel secure.

The front shell has a space for either a clear bubble or a dark mesh covering, and these options are fully interchangeable depending on your preference and that of your pet. Sometimes a fully visible experience lessens any remaining fears a cat may have, and sometimes a dog may feel far too contained by anything in that spot at all.

In this case, the carrier can be safely used with an open front but for travel among other people and pets, one of the included covers should be installed. On one side of the carrier is a small pocket, perfect for treats, tissues, or other essentials.

When it comes to comfort, this carrier serves both the pet and the person who hoists the straps over their shoulders. Plush, quilted straps and a breathable mesh back make this backpack one of the more comfortable straightforward options.


  • Easy to install and uninstall the bulb and the mesh
  • Mimics a pet’s classic favorite, looking out the window
  • Has an internal harness hook


  • Smaller than the average backpack

5. Texsens Bubble Backpack Kitty Carrier

Texsens Innovative Traveler Bubble Backpack Pet Carriers for Cats and Dogs

Sometimes you might want your pet to be contained but still be able to observe the sights, sounds, and smells of their immediate environment. Such a need is exactly where this carrier can be presented as a very viable option.

While some carriers have solid sections interspersed with mesh or clear sections, this carrier allows your pet to observe the world around them in three directions. The back is padded for comfort and so it is solid, but all three of the other sides are made mostly of a light, breathable mesh.

There are zippered pockets on either side of this carrier, perfect for carrying essentials like cleanup bags and even collapsible bowls for water. The mesh upper portion unzips for ease of access, allowing pets to hop in and out as they please when the carrier is placed on the floor or other stable surface.

For the comfort of the wearer, this backpack boasts padded straps with thick plastic buckles. The straps have smaller straps that connect across the waist or chest, stabilizing the carrier and allowing the pet more complete freedom of movement. Ideal for hiking in pleasant weather, this backpack is likely to be well-loved by most curious pets.


  • Full mesh for open air experience
  • Pets can either relax or actively observe
  • Fits under most airplane seats


  • Claws can snag in the mesh body

6. Petsfit Pet Carrier Backpack

Petsfit Dogs Carriers Backpack

Sometimes, you might want the option to give your pet a little extra head room in their backpack or carrier. It can be difficult for them to have a complete view and understanding of their surroundings when they can only see from a few angles.

Other times your pet may prefer a more enclosed space with limited visibility. For some animals, especially cats, dark enclosed spaces can be comforting rather than panic-inducing.

This carrier comes with a top panel that unzips to open completely but can also be adjusted to add a few extra inches of headroom. On the bottom of this extension is a clear plastic panel, and the rest is mesh that matches the mesh panels on the sides of the carrier.

Pets up to 15 pounds can be comfortably and safely tethered inside this carrier. Padded straps with a chest buckle and a quilted back panel enhance the comfort of both the wearer of this backpack and the pet who rides inside.


  • Expanding top compartment
  • Roomy enough for the fluffiest of creatures
  • Sturdy and well-made


  • Smaller on the inside

7. PetAmi Premium Pet Backpack for Small Cats & Dogs

PetAmi Premium Pet Carrier Backpack for Small Cats and Dogs | Ventilated Design, Safety Strap, Buckle Support | Designed for Travel, Hiking & Outdoor Use (Gray)

A sherpa lining as bedding and complete ventilation make this backpack a comfortable option for small pets up to eight pounds. Safe for hiking, camping, or even climbing, this pack comes in a variety of colors and enables the wearer to transport their furry friend in comfort and style.

A sturdy build and multi-layer stitching on the chest strap enhance the stability of this already hardy carrier. For reliable protection, this backpack may be one of the top options for those who need something compact enough to be portable but large enough to be comfortable for a pet to be in for a long time.

Pockets on the outermost part of the shell of this model can be used for a variety of storage needs. Some people like to put cleanup bags and treats in the pockets, and others may use them for their belongings such as a wallet or set of keys. Whatever the pockets are used for, the carrier offers reliability and support to both you and your pet.


  • Durable stitching
  • Mesh panels for excellent airflow and good visibility
  • Roomy pockets


  • Padding does not retain its softness very well

Final Verdict and Review

Petsfit Sturdy Cat Carrier













  • Sturdy zippers
  • Comfortable for pet & owner
  • Big enough for cats & dogs
  • Easy to store & clean
  • Chest straps reduce strain


  • Limited storage

When choosing between multiple quality products, especially when they are all generally very similar. Some may say that any cat carrier will do but there is quite a variety of products within that category.

The top item in this list is the Petsfit Soft Backpack Carrier for Hiking. It has the sturdiest zippers out of the options on this list, and the comfort level of the animals who were put into it appeared to be higher than those who were put inside the other options.

While the Petsfit does not have the visibility of some of the other carriers, it does have easy-to-open panels that can be tied back and allow the pet to poke their head out to see the world go by. A solid chest strap and plushly padded back straps make this cat backpack the gold medalist.

Buying Guide

Buying a wearable cat carrier instead of a top carrier box may seem like a silly idea at first, but consider how little of the world your cat gets to see. Even outdoor cats typically have a set territory they explore and run around in, and indoor cats know very little outside the home. By the way, there are cat strollers, too!

Even if you do not intend on letting your cat out of the carrier on a hike, walk, or transport to another building, buying one with breathability and clear visibility can make your indoor cat happy. Here are some factors to consider when buying a wearable pet carrier!

Naturally, you would want any product you buy to last until you are no longer in need of it, but when it comes to your safety and that of your precious pets it is even more urgent. How well something is constructed makes all the difference in how well it works for its intended purpose.

Not only that, but a durable product is a safe one. No one wants to put their precious pet into a backpack that may tear or break, and so it may be worth paying a little extra for peace of mind.

Many pets are excellent escape artists. This especially applies to cats, who can bend and contort their bodies like few other domesticated animals can. Some animals are able to figure out how zippers work, so looking for a carrier that has zippers on the outside only is an excellent idea.

Animal Size and Weight
Some cat carriers are meant for small to medium-sized cats, and so buying one of these standard construction carriers could spell disaster if your pet is on the large or portly side. Even the most durable items have weight limits, so it is important to pay attention to such restrictions.

A big part of your pet’s comfort when they are being transported in a backpack carrier is breathability. Without proper airflow, your cat is more likely to panic or try to escape, posing a danger to both themselves and to whoever is wearing the backpack. Make sure there are adequate air holes or mesh panels before committing to buying a cat backpack.

Individual Pet Needs
The most thorough of research all culminates in one category, and that is the individual needs of your pet. Perhaps they are allergic to a certain type of metal or fabric, or maybe they are a tiny dog who loves extra room and would benefit from a carrier meant for larger animals.

What it all boils down to is thorough research. Most products will have plenty of reviews and testimonials to look at and when you first see the joy in your pet’s eyes at being part of the hike, it becomes clear that all the searching was well worth it.

Going outside with a cat could lead to problems if it gets away. It’s a good idea to have a good ID tag with your phone number on it or use a GPS tracker so it’s easy to find her again.

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