Cat Beds & Furniture

Best Cat & Dog Sofa Covers

Top 7 Best Cat & Dog Sofa Covers of 2020 Do you love your cat or dog but hate the mess they make on your sofa? Shedding, scratching, stains, and more caused by our pets can wreak havoc on our nice furniture. With a sofa cover, you'll be able to

Best Cat Doors

Top 5 Best Cat Doors of 2020 Do you have a kitty who enjoys the outdoors? Would you like to provide them with a way to come in and out of your home as they please? Or, perhaps, you'd like to make it easier for them to access a specific

Best Cat Condos

Top 6 Best Cat Condos 2020 Your upholstered furniture looks good until your cat gets their claws in everything. The best way to deter your curious feline companion is present them with their own furniture. A cat condo will help your furniture remain scratch-free. These condos give them an area

Best Cat Scratching Posts

Top 10 Best Cat Scratchers & Scratching Posts 2020 Too often, we buy our cats trinkets and overpriced toys that ultimately remain overlooked. Most of the time, your furry friend is frankly not interested in whatever present you've thoughtfully selected for them. Yet when it comes to saving our furniture,

Best Outdoor Cat Houses

Top 8 Best Outdoor Cat Houses 2020 Most cats love the outdoors, but that doesn't mean they don't need shelter. Many house cats and feral cats alike need a warm and dry place to stay when the weather takes a turn for the worse. What makes a good outdoor cat

Best Cat Beds

Top 8 Best Cat Beds 2020 Are you looking for the perfect new gift for your kitty? Do you want to give them a snug and warm place they can cuddle up and take a cat nap? Your cat is sure to love a cozy new cat bed. Since there

Best Cat Trees

Top 8 Best Cat Trees 2020 Cats are naturally curious and love to climb, so it only makes sense that they enjoy cat trees. A cat tree can provide hours of entertainment for your kitty or kitties. They provide a nice perch to rest while looking out over the room,

Best Cat Window Perches, Hammocks & Seats

Top 8 Best Cat Window Perches, Hammocks & Seats 2020 Are you looking for a new product that will let your cat relax and feel loved? Since cats love looking out the window at animals, people, and just anything they see in nature, why not get them a window perch,

Best Cat Trees for Large Cats

Top 6 Best Cat Trees for Large Cats 2020 Does your cat have an urge to scratch and climb on just about anything there is to find? It's in your cat’s instinct to sit high and mighty above its surroundings, so having a big cat tree to climb and scratch

Best Heated Cat Beds & Mats

Top 8 Best Heated Cat Beds & Mats 2020 It's the season to be chilly so you’ve made sure to stock up on winter coats, long johns, and wool socks. Unfortunately, those thermal layers aren’t built-in for you like they are for your furry friends. But if you’ve ever woken
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